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Comment Re:It's called the key (Score 1) 1176

Not if you ease it on. Its other name is "emergency brake".

Try it sometime. See exactly how long it takes to stop the car. Be sure to report back on how well your "emergency brake" works.

Seriously. Do it.

I don't understand why people don't try stuff like this when they're out on a quiet road with nobody else around. Stomp on the brakes. Yank the controls. Try stopping with just the engine, etc. It builds confidence and might save your life one day. If the last time you did an emergency stop was on your driving test then you're doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Why lose your time? (Score 2) 884

Lets hope this article is just a marketing scheme. Anyway, in case it is genuine:

Somebody has been freeloading, so what? You have got two options:
1) upgrade your security. double up encryption with MAC authorization. Hide your SSID. Maybe even going to digital certificates.Use only encrypted communications protocols. Many other options. Many time invested.
2) Setup a honeypot. Something open or better yet with poor security. Let him break, monitor the activity, eventually you will get a his personal data. Then decide on the course of action.


3) Figure out the direction of his signal and put tinfoil on the wall there.

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