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Comment Re:Commodore Amiga 3000T (Score 1) 702

Have they attached the inductor any better since his video? Enquiring minds...

He did eventually fix it up and it still works. It appears in some later videos, eg. this one:

PS: I scored one of those on eBay after I watched that. Cost me $80 but still a pretty good buy. It still has the "US Army" sticker on it complete with last calibration date (Feb 2011). There's not a mark on either the meter or the carrying case and the probes were brand new in plastic bag. I reckon it never left stores... "beauty!"

Comment Re:wonder bout... (Score 2) 218

Rouge waves, typhoons, collisions with tankers, vulnerability to warships, aircraft, submarines.

But hey. It's cool that a tsunami won't screw it up.

Wouldn't it be better on the sea bed? Also tsunami-proof...but also rogue-wave, aircraft and tanker proof.

Even better. Don't build any more reactors than can go into meltdown.

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