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Comment Re:High pitched noises (Score 1) 294

The "classical music" alternative is far more civilised.

Oh, you and your ear-preserving music...

A better way would be for every town to put some heavy metal, old mattresses and free soda out in a disused quarry somewhere and just let them get on with it.

It costs very little and keeps them out of our way.

Comment Re:High pitched noises (Score 1) 294

Seems plausible.

Huh? How is that in any way "plausible"?

Why would they want to kill every plant in the area? (At great expense)

If they do, why do they only do this for power lines and not other types of construction?

If I google for images of "power lines", why is there usually grass underneath?

Did you know that most power lines go across farmer's fields....?

Comment Re:Wouldn't someone think of the children? (Score 2) 294

If you aren't at least introducing concepts related to dosage, population level statistical study, various epidemiological techniques, you are basically just waving your hands from first principles.

You're also willfully ignoring the actual science that's been done regarding electromagnetic radiation:

(In particular the Stark-Einstein law and the lower bound it places on the photon energy needed to cause a chemical reaction)

Comment Re:High pitched noises (Score 3, Informative) 294

I wonder how much of the occasional health panic that springs up around wifi - and indeed other technologies - can actually be attributed to the high pitched hums that can be emitted by badly manufactured devices.

Most of it can be attributed to Mr. Paul Brodeur:

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