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Comment Re:Being a Saudi (Score 1) 537

Being one third of the holy trinity, he was his own father... how could he possibly disobey himself?

It's just another plot hole in the Great Omniscient Book.

Jesus also says that he's not here to change any of the old laws, that all the old laws still apply.


They just don't apply to him because he's the son of god. Or something.

It's a bit like star football players, they basically get a free pass on obeying the school rules.

Comment Re:Time to Re-evaluate (Score 1) 196

Most executives would be happy to say 'we'll accept a slightly lower margin if we can make up for it in sales volume because more people will buy our product if we can guarantee a certain standard of living for people on our production lines'.

Nah, most executives prefer to trick people into believing that while still manufacturing in China.

Proof? Labels that say stuff like "Designed in California"...

Comment Re:Not really new (Score 2) 233

I was in the passenger seat of a high-end BMW the other day that did exactly that: the driver drove slowly along the row of parked cars until the car beeped, then he let go of the steering wheel, reversed and let the car park itself. Quite amazing really...

Over here we get that in a Ford Focus, etc.

Comment Re:Except... (Score 1) 233

However who's responsible for a self driving car? Do I (or more accurately, my insurer) sue the owner (who was not in control of the vehicle at the time) or the car company (who has no doubt waived responsibility for this with a ream of paperwork when they sold it).

I'm sure that lawyers everywhere are salivating at the thought of self-driving cars but I fail to see why we should ban them for that reason. Road safety can't possibly go downwards simply because we took humans out of the equation.

Comment Re:Dumber and dumber (Score 2) 233

Arguably, if you lack the skills to park, you shouldn't be driving in the first place

That utopia hasn't worked out too well. They figured out how to get licenses anyway. The best we can do now is sell these to the idiots so they don't bang *our* cars up in car parks.

(Seriously, has anybody ever failed to get a license given enough attempts? Did they ever tell anybody, "Sorry, driving isn't for you..."?)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 219

Maybe easier to use when holding it in your hand, it will be harder to use when you put it on a table.

You're having trouble using a flat phone in your hand?

I'd like to be able to tap the screen when it's on a table without it rocking.

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