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Comment Re:Diversity of features (Score 3, Interesting) 378

Take a look at the upcoming motorola droid coming to verizon. Probably hitting stores on Nov 6th, Possibly online/telephone sales the end of this month. It has a slideout qwerty keyboard, 3.7inch capacitive touchscreen, 5MP camera, and will be the first Android 2.0 phone. It's also only .5in thick.

Reportedly It's made of metal and has a very sturdy feel to it.


Submission + - SPAM: NASA teams to build pod-like tranportation system

coondoggie writes: "It looks a little like the Jetson's flying car but it travels on magnetically levitated highways. That's one vision of a future commuter system that could be developed by a marriage of NASA robot-control software and car-like pods from Unimodal Systems. Specifically, per an agreement announced today between Unimodal and NASA, Unimodal will contribute its SkyTran vehicle and its advanced transportation technology while NASA will provide its Plan Execution Interchange Language (PLEXIL) and Universal Executive (UE) robot control software to control the vehicle. SkyTran will use small vehicles running on elevated, magnetically levitated (maglev) guideways, which distinguishes it from other railed systems. The vehicles are lightweight, personal compartments that can transport up to three passengers, according to [spam URL stripped]."
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