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Comment What sizzle? (Score 1) 743

What Sizzle? I don't hear anything, I usually can't tell the difference between 128 bit MP3 and anything else, but perhaps I'm deaf. I might prefer it because its small plays on any device, but I'm not (consciously at least) enjoying me some sweet sizzle cause I don't hear it.

Comment I no longer own a TV, cause I'm better than you. (Score 0, Redundant) 349

I hate smug douches who brag about not watching or not even owning a TV, just because 90% of a medium is crap doesn't mean you throw it out, 90% of every medium is crap. TV just got a bad rap. It may be hard to believe with the giant shadow of reality TV blocking out the sun, but there are great TV shows. Dexter, Mad Men, Colbert, you get the idea.

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