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Comment Re:Facebook spam? (Score 1) 313

Dear Geoffrey, While I appreciate idealism as the other bloke, your argument leads to a rapid slippery slope. Following it would have lost the brits and americans espionage battles of the cold war. What you are saying is that by choosing a side and operating in a manner that helps that side -- in this case, the opposition forces in Iran, you are playing into the hands of the Iranian regime who will use it to argue that the rebellion is supported by Non-Iranians. You are basically saying that any opinion against the Iranian regime from an outsider source will serve to strengthen the Iranian regime. This is rather defeatist in my own ideological opinion which argues that people, of all nations, have the duty of taking a stand against oppression, and not allow cynical regimes to manipulate public opinion into thinking that doing so will weaken the opposition.

Comment Re:Stone Soup [and virtual machines] (Score 1) 608

Let me second that. I work in NeuroImaging at Uchicago, and since we were given cluster and TeraGrid access we got neuroimaging folks using R and SWIFT (Grid parallel workflow language), and High Energy Physics folks implementing their signal analysis methods on neuroimaging data. They used to say that physical distance (in yards) is a good prediction of collaboration potential in academic departments. These days, sharing a computer cluster seems to achieve a similar thing. But, if you are asking how you can contribute, try setting up your system to load virtual machines on each node -- If you can get that going you'll find many potential users that couldn't bother with adapting their code to the cluster, but would be glad to load an image and run a job in it.

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