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Comment Re:The author's take on this (Score 1) 218

Money is not condemned in Christianity, but the love of money. There is a difference. Take the "Good Samaritan" for example. Would he have been able to pay for the man's room had he not had money? So if money can be used as a tool, it can be a blessing. To say that owning lots of money means that one idolizes money is like saying that owning lots of bricks means that you throw bricks at windows.

As for the second part, being blessed does not mean "God's approval". In fact it has the opposite meaning. When one says that they are blessed they indicate that they have been benefited through no fault of their own. So if I say, "I'm blessed because I have a great career, a wonderful family, and a nice place to live" I'm not saying, "I'm the best Christian ever so God's given me all these cool things!" I'm saying, "I sure don't deserve my wonderful life, but I've been given one anyway despite being a flawed human. I'm grateful."

Finally, what does Richard Dawkins has to do with theology? He's a biologist, not a philosopher or theologian. So the idea of "his theology is wrong, that's why we need a biologist" doesn't make sense.

Don't worry preteen modders, I already know you're going to mod me (-1 offended atheists with logic), so don't rejoice that you're "hurting my feelings" or whatever.

Comment Favorite quote from the article (Score 1) 34

"Several researchers took issue with ENCODE’s suggestion that its wobbly 80% number in any way disproves that some DNA is junk. Larry Moran, a biochemist at the University of Toronto in Ontario argued on his blog that claims about disproving the existence of junk gives ammunition to creationists who like a tidy view of every letter in the genome having some sort of divine purpose."

Translation: I don't believe it because it conflicts with my beliefs. Where have I heard that before?

Comment Re:And... (Score 1) 241

No... The ISPs in KC are Time Warner and AT&T. I'm barely outside the "fiberhood", so perhaps the rest of the city is getting some awesome deals. Perhaps I should give AT&T a call and see what they can do for me to prevent me from going Google (despite the fact that I'm a few blocks away from the fiberhood).

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