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Comment Re:Subjective nonsense (Score 1) 370

I agree with you on every point. I run quite a large corporate intranet on MediaWiki with all the toys added in and I find it functional in appearance. My end users say it it works nicely and are pretty much against me wasting time trying to make it look somehow more "designed". Information is relatively easy to find and it is seriously fast compared to the old SharePoint based jobbie.

However the lack of a really good editor is a drawback and some of my pages look like line noise, especially the dot graphs and charts. Even with the funky new editor It feels like using WordPerfect 5.x for DOS with the coloured cardboard memory jogging strip over your function keys replaced with some icons.

We resort to people entering their basic content and then flagging the article for marking up by a pool of editors if they are not able to do it themselves.

When someone does eventually make wiki markup editing simple enough for non techies then they will be a hero!

Comment Re:Abstraction (Score 3, Informative) 516

Have you ever tried to read Chaucer? That's Middle English. As for Old English - trust me you (nor I) stand a chance! Modern English dialects are much closer together than what might have be termed dialects back then but there is still a huge difference in accents and many terms and words even today across regions. Then throw in Cumbric, Kentish and many other old languages into the mix. Cumbric was still in sporadic use in the 20th C. That's just in England. Then you have Welsh, Irish and Scots with all the same complexities that exist and existed in England with dialects and probably outright different languages in different regions and ages.

The UK and Eire are a small area landwise but a fair diversity in culture still remains - and long may it continue (IMNSHO).

Have a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaucer there's some samples from his writings with translations. I'm a native en_GB speaker and I find it tough going.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 473

Well I'm just about old enough to remember the crack addled nonsense that was LSD:

£1 = 20s, 1s=12d, hence £1=240d
£=pound (libra)
s=shilling (solidus)
d=penny (denarius)

The bit in brackets (parenthesis) is why the old abbreviation was "LSD". Obviously we had lots of other weird names for various sub divisions such as a "10 bob note" which was a paper note for 10 shillings or 120d.

Then we got decimalized in 1971, the shilling got dropped as a sub unit and the d suffix replaced with p. £1 = 100p (1 pound = 100 pennies). For a while pennies were known as new pennies but the new was dropped after a few years.

Guess why the US and Canada inter alia call their cents "pennies" 8)

Comment Re:Good luck, because... (Score 4, Insightful) 676

... so who is winning?

You say what you do and you say what ads do but no conclusion unless we have to take the last phrase of your comment as you feel that's what she thinks.

I feel your pain but apparently parents have been worried for millennia about external influences on their children. If ads is the worst you've got then that's perhaps not too bad. You might like to compare your worries with parents in say the Syrian city of Homs.

Wait until she's around 12-15. You'll really have worries then as she becomes rapidly more sophisticated and "teen" ...

Best of luck (OK - enjoy every moment, even when you are shitting yourself with worry)


Comment Re:I wish to express outrage over this bad reporti (Score 1) 153

Gosh, isn't English subtle!

You have managed to correct Mr 655733's interpretation of Mr 822545's comment with a functionally equivalent interpretation.

As for Mr 822545 - he should have done a better job of underlining. He simply should have typed the words and then used backspace on his typewriter and then put in the underscores. Isn't progress great?


Comment Re:We've seen this before.... (Score 3, Interesting) 214

Nice analogy but bollocks I'm afraid. I run several Asterisk systems, including at home.

POTS n ISDN cards - Digium (Asterisk coders) and Sangoma. I'm aware of others.
Handsets - there are masses of suppliers of VoIP handsets.
The thing itself can run on pretty much any 32 or 64 based Linux system and I believe it can run on Windows
There are several specific distros - Digium's own, Trixbox, PIaF, Elastix and many more

On top of that there is FreeSwitch as an alternative software stack for VoIP.

I can't think of many more open markets.

Comment Re:IPv6 (Score 1) 260

Wrong 'n' epic fail.

'phone numbers == IP addresses. In telephony your number is your identification. On t'internet your IP address is simply that - a number. Your A record is your identification and that does not really care about your IP address.

IPv6 will happen. Just not overnight.

Why did you bother linking that article?


Comment Re:No bubble here. (Score 5, Insightful) 434

The users of FB are the _product_ and not customers. The customers are the advertisers.

Now I think it is unlikely that the number of users is going to increase significantly. Certainly not by say 100%.

So is the amount of advertising revenue going to increase by 100% - I doubt it.

I suggest you apply the term toxic to this beast - you will lose, its well over valued.

Comment Re:Space elevator coming next? (Score 1) 159

Given the length of this thing and its sheer mass, I don't think that the relatively short depth of the sea is likely to make much difference.

Granted that the water will get in the way somewhat. However the construction team that puts up (drops down?) a space elevator link are probably not going to find that a problem.

I suggest that the whole equator is fair game.


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