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Comment Re:wtf (Score 2) 270

The "It's ironic" at the beginning of the quote ties the two statements together as if they are comparing to nearly identical situations.

That is not what "ironic" means. No part of the concept of irony requires the two situations to be "nearly identical". The situations are similar - Microsoft office on an Apple platform - but not so identical that you assume there must be an implication that Microsoft needs a "lifeline". All that is said is that the relevance of Microsoft has declined, while Apple's has increased. The irony is that two similar situations have such different outcomes, now and then.

Comment Re:Innovation? (Score 1) 124

Phone OS innovations: 1) it's truly open source 2) it's built by a not-for-profit organisation 3) it exists so that apps can be built in HTML5 and run off the internet,

None of those are anywhere near the meaning of the word "innovation". "Innovation" doesn't mean "things I like".

which is where the world was headed before Apple introduced the notion of apps and erected the walls of their garden

Apple started out with HTML apps. Everybody hated it.

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