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Comment Re:Funded by Koch brothers and Getty family ... (Score 1) 355

It can also be explained by aubergines and the Fairies at the Bottom of your Garden.

You have no idea what the words "can explain" mean in a scientific context. What you just said is just plain wrong.

The Sun is the most reasonable explanation.

Except that this very study, which was done with actual data by people who actually know things, clearly says it isn't.

You just believe that because you want to, not because there is any evidence for it.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 0) 246

They couldn't delete a vanishingly tiny fraction of the infringing files they hosted.

The whole thing is a complete non-issue, which is being pumped up by Dotcom because he knows the internet will eat this stuff up no matter how dishonest it is.

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