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Comment Re:Crowded market (Score 1) 53

"Keep telling myself that"? It's a trivially confirmable fact, and you confirmed it by linking the data sheet, so I don't know what you are on about.

And it is quite well matched to the Atmel. It would be pointless on a Raspberry Pi, which has a far more capable GPU built in. This is a GPU specifically built to allow low-spec microcontrollers to drive a graphical user interface.

You really should try to take a bit more time to look into it before trying to score points on the internet.

Comment Re:The obligatory NSA question (Score 1) 128

It's likely that the issues with DES would have been discovered sooner had they not been fixed, after all an actively used system is far more worthy of study than something thats been superseded and is no longer used.

That is nonsense. The fixed DES was identical to the original DES, with the expectation of a couple of seemingly arbitrary numbers. Nobody's going to stop researching DES because the NSA changed a couple of numbers. In fact, the opposite is far more likely.

Comment Re:Alien Names, Necessarily Silly, Never Believabl (Score 1) 116

Most of those are ancient, and not representative of modern behaviour. And nobody involved wants to change them, so it's a moot point anyway.

And "native Americans" is not a name for any one specific group, so of course it is generic and artificial. Much more relevantly, we say "Inuit" rather than "eskimo".

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