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Comment Re:end-point security (Score 1) 138

Writing your password on a post-it note is much, much safer than most other things. At least that way you can pick a properly complicated password. If somebody is in your room and looking at the note, you have bigger problems anyway most of the time.

And as for end-point security, you should be worrying far more about whether your decryption software or OS is spying on you after you decrypt.

Comment Re:Meta review (Score 1) 366

Say what one will about the NSA, they do have some of the very very best people when it comes to crypto, and the budget to design, build, or purchase whatever hardware is needed to implement what those people dream up.

It wasn't even the NSA that came up with differential cryptanalysis in the first place, it was IBM, and NSA made them keep it quiet.

Comment Re:Meta review (Score 1) 366

We know pretty much what happened then, because it was mostly IBM doing it and keeping it secret, not the NSA. And your theory makes no sense at all, and no evidence of anything remotely similar being even possible has been found in the decades of research that has gone into DES since.

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