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Comment Re:FACTUAL REPORTING (Score 1, Troll) 234

Damn! This US intelligence is SO GOOD it kills "Al Qaeda" guys THREE TIMES!

So you're saying intelligence can be wrong? Fascinating. Based on my prior reading on Slashdot I understood that it couldn't be actually wrong, but simply used to lie the US into wars. You seem to be giving credence to the report that Saddam had his government lie and behave as if it was still in possession of chemical weapons to fool Iran but got more than he bargained for with a war involving the US.

You might be the most insightful when you don't intend to be.

If there are intelligence problems as you acknowledge, I wonder how much better the US would be if it were to stop intelligence surveillance of terrorists completely as some people have been suggesting. I think I've seen that picture before.

Comment Re:MORE DISINFORMATION (Score 1) 234

Maybe you haven't heard, but the US has forces in Afghanistan fighting them. The US forces went there because the Taliban had hosted Al Qaida, allowed them to set up training camps, integrated al Qaida into the Afghan government. Al Qaida then proceeded to attack the US repeatedly, including the 9/11 attacks that killed as many as the Pearl Harbor attack. Now that it looks like the US is going to be taking action involving Syria, the Taliban is fighting there with al Qaida as well.

My examples were to clarify their nature since many people are either uninformed, or in denial.

Comment Re:MORE DISINFORMATION (Score 1, Insightful) 234

The Taliban has already attempted a bombing in New York City. Thankfully the bombing failed. The terrorist was captured, put on trial, and convicted. I believe other Afghans have been checked up on for possible misdeeds as well.

Besides trying to overthrow the Pakistani government, and retake Afghanistan, there are now hundreds of Taliban fighters in Syria. They are becoming a menace across the world. They might even make it to your land - Canada.

Al Qaida declared war on the US and took the Taliban with them for the ride. Have you ever blamed them for any misdeeds or murder?


Comment Re:MORE DISINFORMATION (Score 4, Insightful) 234

Designed to create the belief:
1 - Intelligence intercepts and interrogations are effective at getting information that "protects" "us".

And you dispute that? People seem to be pretty eager to read them for what you think are ineffective methods.

2 - Drones are an effective weapon against "our" "enemies" and not principally dangerous to villagers and local civic functions.

Pakistani General: Actually, The Drones Are Awesome

You take issue with referring to the ever fun-loving Taliban and al Qaida as enemies?

17 Beheaded in Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan for Attending Wedding Party with Dancing
Taliban Hangs Afghan Boy, 7, for Spying
I was one of the Taliban's torturers: I crucified people

How do you think they should be referred to? As the, "Asian gentlemen with a minor beheading problem?" "The life of the party with a suicide vest?" "The local representatives of Crucifier's Anonymous - the 12 step program to kill all your enemies?"

Submission + - IT Monitoring Effective in Deterring Fraud by Restaurant Employees (

cold fjord writes: Science Daily reports, "For many firms, losing significant revenue and profit to employee theft has been a cost of doing business. But a new study from Washington University in St. Louis finds that information technology monitoring is strikingly effective in reducing theft and fraud, especially in the restaurant industry. "Cleaning House: The Impact of Information Technology Monitoring on Employee Theft and Productivity," (.pdf) by Lamar Pierce, PhD, associate professor of strategy at Olin Business School, finds that mining sales data of employees increased restaurant revenue about 7 percent. The paper is co-written with Daniel Snow, associate professor at the Marriott School at Brigham Young University, and Andrew McAfee, research scientist at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ... Pierce and his team found that after installing the monitoring software, revenue per restaurant increased an average of $2,982 per week, about 7 percent. Restaurants also experienced a 22 percent drop in theft." More at The New York Times.

Submission + - Monster Storm Reveals Water On Saturn (

cold fjord writes: The CS Monitor reports, "A thunderstorm bigger than our planet churned Saturn's atmosphere like an egg beater, reaching deep into Saturn's gassy interior and flinging water up to the ammonia-gas cloudtops. ... From December 2010 through August 2011, a superstorm raged across Saturn. The storm moved west, leaving behind a wake so enormous that ultimately the head collided with its own tail, encircling the giant gas planet with a belt of turbulence over 9,000 miles wide and 190,000 miles long. And in studying it, scientists found water. This massive thunderstorm – the head alone was bigger than planet Earth – churned Saturn's atmosphere like an egg beater, reaching deep down into Saturn's gassy interior, finding water vapor, and flinging it up with "hundreds of miles per hour of upward motion ... Scientists have suspected for years that water vapor must be hiding in Saturn's lower atmosphere, but finding proof was tricky. "As far as water in measurable quantities, at the level of the visible cloud tops – this is the first indication," says Dr. Sromovsky. The first scientists who studied the storm noted its size and power, but missed the scent of water. " More at Universe Today.

Submission + - Leaked Documents Detail al-Qaeda's Efforts To Fight Back Against Drones (

An anonymous reader writes: The Washington Post reports, "Al-Qaeda’s leadership has assigned cells of engineers to find ways to shoot down, jam or remotely hijack U.S. drones ... In July 2010, a U.S. spy agency intercepted electronic communications indicating that senior al-Qaeda leaders had distributed a “strategy guide” to operatives around the world advising them how “to anticipate and defeat” unmanned aircraft. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reported that al-Qaeda was sponsoring simultaneous research projects to develop jammers to interfere with GPS signals and infrared tags that drone operators rely on to pinpoint missile targets. Other projects in the works included the development of observation balloons and small radio-controlled aircraft, or hobby planes, which insurgents apparently saw as having potential for monitoring the flight patterns of U.S. drones... Al-Qaeda has a long history of attracting trained engineers ... Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-proclaimed architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, holds a mechanical-engineering degree ... In 2010, the CIA noted in a secret report that al-Qaeda was placing special emphasis on the recruitment of technicians and that “the skills most in demand” included expertise in drones and missile technology. "

Submission + - A Video Game to Rejuvenate the Brain? (

sciencehabit writes: Designing activities to reverse the mental effects of aging is tricky. But NeuroRacer, a new racing video game created by neuroscientists shows promise in reversing some signs of decline.

The heart of the issue is whether practicing a video game can strengthen skills that are useful away from a computer. After training with NeuroRacer, older adults showed improvements in their multitasking skill. In fact, they scored better than untrained 20-year-olds. They also maintained this skill for 6 months after the training, without further practice. Indeed, even outside the video game world, people who trained with NeuroRacer saw improvements on certain tests of memory and attention.

Comment Re:Entirely Sensible (Score 1) 227

Once again you obscure the facts. The Maddox was attacked in international waters, not North Vietnamese waters. Just as North Vietnam was conducting a war of aggression against South Vietnam, it also engaged in aggression at sea.

Actions in the Gulf of Tonkin, August 1964

On the afternoon of 2 August 1964, while steaming well offshore in international waters, Maddox was attacked by three North Vietnamese motor torpedo boats. The destroyer maneuvered to avoid torpedoes and used her guns against her fast-moving opponents, hitting them all. In turn, she was struck in the after gun director by a single 14.5-millimeter machine gun bullet. Maddox called for air support from the carrier Ticonderoga, whose planes strafed the three boats, leaving one dead in the water and burning. Both sides then separated.

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