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Comment Re:It's easy to comply with the GPL (Score 1) 566

The GPL goes beyond just the source code. There are clauses that prevent further restrictions on the licensed use of a program, there are licence grants that allow you to redistribute the binary form of the program (what was downloaded from the app store). You will not be able to do these things, the app store terms of use are going to have further restrictions on acceptable use of a program downloaded from the app store. GPL will be incompatible with the terms of the app store.

Comment Re:someone, please explain this to me (Score 1) 566

It isn't the source code redistribution or availability that is the problem with GPL on an app store.

From GPLv2:
You may copy and distribute the Program (or a work based on it, under Section 2) in object code or executable form...

The app stores do not allow you to copy and distribute the Program in executable form, since they are wrapped up in DRM layers and I would bet there are also license verbiage that says you are not allowed to copy the apps downloaded from the app store. It is very easy to provide the distribution of source code for an app on the app store, you just point to a file on the internet, a phone number to call or an address to write to asking for the source.

Comment Re:Attack Summary (Score 1) 220

No, collision vulnerabilities are for validating the contents of a file haven't changed using an MD5 hash. The reason you don't use MD5 hashing to store a 1-way hash of a password is that it is an extremely fast algorithm to compute - meaning it takes a lot less time to compute a rainbow table or brute force hashes in order to figure out the password.

Comment Re:Sad news for the web (Score 1) 336

Anything worth keeping is also worth fighting for. The problem is that a large number of people do not actually do anything to protect the things they value. If you want to see a world without patent abuse, you have to actively engage - donate to the EFF, call your Congressman/woman, educate people on the issues, buy some advertisements, etc, etc.

Comment Re:Good news...? (Score 1, Troll) 296

I don't know about you, but my online banking website doesn't look, act or feel like a book or magazine. There is a definite difference between a content web site and a web application.

I personally don't have an issue with requiring accessibility for most sites (as long as you can provide an accessible alternative to your content or web app) - the tools they do use need to be updated more often. Some of the screen readers require IE6.

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