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Comment Re:Dwarf Fortress (Score 1) 104

"It is still in alpha!" is crap excuse. Hell, even in mainstream we have perpetual betas already. No more of this. GUI of DF is utter and complete shit. Deal with it. DF GUI should be seriously teached as "how to NOT do it" in user interface courses.
Shame, because DF in itself is really great game..

Comment Re:And what will this do? (Score 1) 228

"bullet box option"
Assuming that by some miracle anyone cared, they would be killed. Libyan insurgents barely scrape by with help of NATO. What external help would you expect in case of revolution in USA? If military stands by goverment, rest would be butchered. And do not even amuse me with your "bearing arms" crap. These privileges was created in times when goverment and people have basically same weapons. Currently... not so much. Right to arms is currently useful for school shootings and healing small dick complex in rightwing nutjobs.

Comment Re:Reminds me... (Score 1) 105

"did we just accept"
USA, Russia and a dozen other nations have tools for independent verification of someone flying to space. These newfangled, barely 50-year old tech like telemetry or radar, maybe you heard about them. China cannot bullshit in this particular departament.

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