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Comment Re:Original Article Text (Score 1) 111

"Falcon 9 experienced a double engine failure in the first stage and that the entire stage blew up just after the first stage separated.”
Funny that I did not seen that in live feed of any F9 launch. And I watched them multiple times. Must be this SpaceX kool aid.
I will not even mention little details like telemetry, feedback and that NASA can indepedently detect when something blows up, thankyouverymuch...

Comment Re:Last Post! (Score 1) 206

"tyranny coupled with the lack of economic development is going to end in revolution. It's inevitable."
So what? Dictators are not most sane and/or reasonable lot.
"at some point the cost of revolution that I mentioned above will be seen in the eyes of the man on the street as less than the cost of allowing the regime to persist."
Like in Tunisia, Egypt and most dramatically Libya. Other examples seem to be destined to failure.

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