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Comment Re:Is it on another planet? (Score 1) 405


If what's being reported is accurate, they've discovered a life form whose DNA was previously thought to be completely, unequivocally, no-exceptions impossible. Not just "we haven't found it", but impossible.

From the NASA article, according to Carl Pilcher, this was already thought possible: "Until now a life form using arsenic as a building block was only theoretical, but now we know such life exists in Mono Lake."

Comment Re:Think more subtle, grasshopper (Score 0, Troll) 1270

A large reason why the Nazis got even as many votes as they did was because they were so to speak the new third party, and as a way to thumb one's nose at the traditional parties.

Kind of like the tea party folks eh?

But it was a rather complex and masterfully executed subverting the (granted, too few) safeguards and managing to seize the power ...

Oh yeah, never mind.

Comment Re:You are correct, but (Score 1) 662

Probably the best bet is to copy it from visiting aliens, if any ever bother to visit.

Probably that is the easiest bet. However, some alien somewhere would have had to come up with the concept on their own.

Instead of waiting for it to come to us, why dont we ignore the naysayers and keep plugging away with scientific research fueled by imaginative science fiction? Thats what brought us from the dark ages to today in pretty short time (cosmically speaking).

Comment Re:Peter jackson... (Score 1) 222

The movie was better for the visuals - it fleshed the world out much better than my puny imagination had been able to do.

Agreed, my favorite scene was Argonath, which looked way better on screen then it ever could in my head.

I think most of the appropriate criticism lies in the character depictions. I'm not sure that humanized and angry Elves or a bumbling dwarf is what Tolkien had in mind. Its hard for me to watch as Elrond gets worked up and emotional about things, or when Gimli plays a part in dick and fart jokes.

However, the films remain in my library and get watched as they are still pretty amazing. Its hard to believe that Hollywood could do any better then this.

Comment Sounds like media fishing for a story (Score 4, Insightful) 520

I dont mean to sound unsympathetic, but from the article:

These problems have been going on since at least the 1970s.


Their deaths were among hundreds of deaths or serious injuries that researchers have traced to tube mix-ups.

Hundreds of deaths in the past 40 years doesnt sound like a really big problem.

My son has spent a lot of time in hospitals, he had a broviac catheter (venous) and during his frequent and long stays this has never been a problem. As a layman it was painfully obvious which tube went where.

A much larger issue, in my mind, was actually receiving the proper meds in the proper dose.

Comment Re:Why the silence? (Score 1) 234

Sun changed the patch access policy early 2006, years before Oracle bought Sun. Ever since then you needed to have a support contract to legally download Solaris patches.

No, you just had to have a sunsolve account. It did not have to have an account tied to it (see the second comment on the link you provided).

It also is not true that IBM provides patches for free - you cannot download AIX itself for free, duh. AIX also doesn't run on non-IBM hardware. So you have to pay IBM at least twice before you can even use AIX.

IBM indeed provides patches to their AIX operating system without even logging in. Check out this fix central link for AIX patches:

You are correct about not being able to download AIX for free, however when you purchase hardware you get a free license to run AIX on it. And with free patches you are not required to maintain vendor support in order to maintain it.

Comment Re:Why the silence? (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Yes, you could download patches for free from sunsolve for many years before Oracle.

This is not bashing, its the truth. Competitors such as IBM and HP currently provide patch information, downloads, and knowledge base articles for free, Oracle does not. And now they bled that mentality into Solaris.

It's unfortunate to see an open community die like this, but if it can't survive without Oracle, then there probably weren't many people there to begin with.

There were plenty of ppl involved and interested, but its based on a proprietary platform, of course it can't survive without the parent company's support. The larger point is that they are, seemingly, purposefully killing it.

Comment Re:Why the silence? (Score 3, Insightful) 234

What buttons do I have to click to get my free patches? Oh that's right, they don't supply patches for free anymore.

If you think downloading a base image constitutes as using for free, then I'm afraid you are mistaken. It takes security patches and bug fixes to keep an OS in production quality working order.

Maybe you just re-install every 6 months when the new media set is released? right!

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