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Comment My 9 and 12 year have tried some languages (Score 2) 510

My kids don't mind programming. They both used Alice http://alice.org/ and were meh about it and didn't go back (about two years ago).

They both like Scratch http://scratch.mit.edu and the 12 year old has moved on to building his own blocks in the Squeak interface underneath it -- so as a starter language I think it has done exactly what we'd like it to do. He's now looking forward to learning python, probably using the media computation materials from Guzdial/Ericson.

The 9 year old actually prefers Microsoft's Kodu http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/kodu/.

I'm thinking about working them through some of the material at Bootstrap http://www.bootstrapworld.org/ which is teachScheme for kids.

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