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Comment Re:Kudos (Score 2) 95

Kudos to the devs for persevering. Fuck all the zealot haters here.

Aye! Protoss, all the way!
But in all a C# developer, I've spent the morning despairing about Windows 8's seeming lack of .NET support. This news is a small, but welcome, glimmer of hope. Kudos to Xamarin for striving to give .NET the platform support and reach that Microsoft never gave.

Comment Is this new? (Score 1) 623

On the California Form 540, tax-payers are already required to report purchases from online retailers for which they (the taxpayer) has not already paid sales tax. The sales tax then gets collected on tax day instead of at the time of purchase. As a California resident, I'm very much against any additional taxes at this time (especially ones that seeming place an undue burden on flourishing business), but is this new law actually imposing any new tax that isn't collected already?

Comment Oh this is going to be popular... (Score 2) 283

I don't know anyone who regularly plugs a USB keyboard into their console for any reason. Likewise, "typing" out a long number of string of characters using a controller seems exceptionally cumbersome. Also, having a serial code remains yet another way Sony can tie a specific game license to a specific console. Really, I don't see any way this could be convenient nor benefit gamers.

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