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Comment Medicare fraud is not new (Score 5, Interesting) 294

Medicare fraud is not new. It existed way before electronic records.

Florida's governor, Rick Scott's company committed medicare fraud way before electronic records were introduced.

Electronic records should make it easier to detect medicare fraud, as statistical analysis is much easier with computerized systems.

Comment A CS Degree is 4 Years to Teach Yourself (Score 0) 630

For me, earning computer science degree was a scheme to get my parents to let me screw around and teach myself to code while finding my own way for 4 years.

If you graduate from high school and spend the next few years living off your parents while screwing around on your college, you'll find yourself cut off very quickly. If you do the same thing, but also earn a computer science degree, then your parents are satisfied that you aren't just aimlessly drifting through life.

If I hadn't had 4 years of time to really tinker with my computer I doubt I'd be half the coder I am today.

If you spend 4 years studying computer science, and got most of your learning from a classroom, then unless you went to a really good school, you are screwed. Hurry up and learn something marketable.

Comment Re:Political correctness in action (Score 2, Informative) 409

The Governor of Florida, where the TB outbreak was kept secret in violation of the law is a Republican , you fucking moron...

Like most Republican politicians, Florida's governor is a secretive, ignorant, corrupt waste of humanity.

Your pathetic attempt at blaming this failure of Florida's state government on President Obama is both funny and stupid, which we all know is a hallmark of the Republican party.

Comment Re:Here in Redneckville (Score 1, Troll) 302

The only problem with Redneckville is that it's full of ignorant loudmouths like you.

Redneckville is so full of small minded, self righteous, dipshits that the governor has actually convinced you fools that he balanced the budget while taking out millions of dollars in bonds and laughing all the way to the bank, where he has lined his pockets with public money.

Meanwhile, the governor has put in place voter suppression laws which run afoul of the Voting Rights Act, which was itself necessitated by racist dumb-asses in bigot flyover country.

Comment Donald Trump's Birth Certificate Lies (Score -1, Troll) 511

This year we can use the people who lie about Barack Obama's birth certificate to identify the impact of racism on the electorate.

I haven't met a single person that lies about President Obama's birth certificate who wasn't genuinely racist.

I know Donald Trump claims he isn't a racist, but give me a break. He's an idiot but he's not that stupid.

And when you ask what his team found in Hawaii, he whines about why we shouldn't worry about the past.. Se he knows he's lying, but he keeps claiming that Obama isn't American.

Then despite the fact that Obama was leader of the Harvard law review and was elected President of the USA, Trump claims that Obama was an affirmative action admission..

Donald Trump and the rest of the people who lie about President's birth certificate are racist, and since they self-identify it's a pretty easy group to study and/or mock.

Comment Disgraced Republican Candidate for Governor (Score 5, Funny) 291

Anyone who watch Meg Whitman run for governor should realize by now that she is an abject retard.

I wouldn't put her in charge of a car wash, much less a multinational company.

I guess after that other Republican candidate, Carley Fiorina started driving HP into the ground they needed another mentally handicapped Republican to finish the job.

Comment Too late... Blackberry is on my 'Do Not Buy' list (Score 1) 185

I bought a blackberry because I couldn't stand the idea of letting Apple control another one of my gadgets, much less my phone.

What I got is an obviously flawed piece of technology that had to be replaced twice and even when working correctly was underwhelming at best. Even iTunes is better than using a Blackberry.

While I bought a BB with high hopes which were crushed over the next two years, my trusty Android has served me well for over the past couple years. Unlike with my blackberry I wasn't impatiently waiting out my 2 year contract eager to get a new phone.

That said, I'm really looking forward to the Galaxy S3

Comment Re:Missing the Point (Score 1) 1005

You say you have a right to defend yourself.

But here you are, bending over backwards to defend a man that chased down and killed an unarmed teenager.

There was no knife. Just a gun toting vigilante who chased down an unarmed kid and killed him in cold blood while he screamed for help.

Not just that... you're defending the fact that he hasn't been charged with a crime, even though it's blatant that he chased down and killed an unarmed teenager.

I know what you people are up to. You don't carry guns around to threaten the government and preserve freedom regardless of your overheated rhetoric.

Your threatening us. The people just minding their own business walking home from the store that don't match your expectations are your real target.

Well, I don't plan on taking that lying down, dumb ass.

Comment Missing the Point (Score 0) 1005

What's more interesting is how amazingly people are failing to connect the dots.

These racist gun toting morons passed laws to allow them to kill blacks based on a nebulous suspicion claimed by the killer.

They showed up to a political event carrying guns. That's an implied threat.

There are racist black people

Racially motivated terrorism has increased since Obama was inogurated, and now a cold blooded murder went unprosecuted.

It doesn't make sense until you see the picture of the victim, and look at the hateful gun toting morons that have taken over the Republican party.

Comment Re:Error My Ass (Score 1) 1005

wandering around the neighborhood in the middle of the night in the rain wearing a "hoodie" instead of rain gear or carrying an umbrella is suspicious behavior.

1. A "hoodie" is rain gear. It's what I usually wear in the rain.
2. He was walking to the home where he was stayin, in the neighborhood.

Even if what you are describing was truly suspicious, instead of normal, it doesn't give armed vigilantes the right to pursue, confront, and kill this young man.

Treyvon was walking to his home in the neighborhood. Treyvon was killed closer to his home than to Mr Zimmerman's.

Clearly this gun toting vigilante should have stuck to calling the police when he sees blacks instead of commiting a capital offense.

If there is any justice, Mr Zimmerman will have plenty of time to reflect on this chain of events behind bars, with the other cold blooded killers.

Comment More like iExtortion (Score 3, Insightful) 176

Google has had an electronic NFC based wallet in the market for almost a year now.

I assume now that Apple has patented a technology that Google developed, they will extort Google to pay them for them for writing software hadn't even developed yet.

At least now that Steve Jobs is dead, Apple is willing to license patents to Google instead of just trying to sue them into extinction.

Somebody should congratulate Apple on becoming more evil than Microsoft.

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