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Comment Re:Fukushima Residents and Farmers Disagree (Score 3, Insightful) 201

1) A 12 mile radius exclusion zone (& larger radius which people will avoid) is huge in a small country like Japan. Do you really think that Japanese people have chosen to have among the highest population density in the world even though they have a bunch of unused land?

When we consider how common Fukushima's reactor design is, and how reluctant power companies are to invest in new reactors, despite proven safety problems with their design, a disaster like this seems almost inevitable.

2) American nuclear workers carry dosimeters and are closely monitored. Children operate in a very different environment. Children are more susceptible to problems than adults, since they are still developing. I doubt that a nuclear plant would allow a worker to bring their child with them as they are exposed to radiation.

3) The loss of so much electricity in the Tokyo area has caused shortages in many components crucial to Japanese and global commerce. There is nothing innovative about turning off the air conditioning in an unplanned 30% loss of power. There is something deeply honorable about it though.

Summary: Large scale electric generation will always have drawbacks, but it's foolish to ignore their potential for destruction. As far as I know, the only part of Japan that 6 months after the Tsunami is uninhabitable by humans surrounds Fukushima.

I don't oppose nuclear power, but when the risks are ignored or downplayed (like in your post and in TEPCO's policies) a nuclear disaster is inevitable. And when people notice that you've been downplaying the risks, their unlikely to trust the industry to build new reactors, even though they improve safety.

Comment Fukushima Residents and Farmers Disagree (Score 2, Insightful) 201

What a relief! I wonder when they'll start moving people back into Fukushima Prefecture. I can't wait to sink my teeth into some Fukushima vegetables and I know you feel the same way.

When do you suppose that 12 mile radius exclusion zone will be lifted? This decade or next?

Now that we've decided that the maximum radiation dosage for a Japanese child is the same as an American nuclear worker, it's only a matter of time before they play in the shadow of Fukushima again!

And let's not forget how much better Tokyo is with 30% less electricity.

Comment Re:Solution? (Score 5, Interesting) 244

Every app developer pays Apple 30%.

That's alot more than can be said about our federal tax laws which are more like a record of bribery and scams than a rational tax code.

Google dodges taxes using techniques known as the "Double Irish" and the "Dutch Sandwich" to reduce its tax rate to 2.4 percent.

citation provided

Comment Re:Difference being? (Score 0) 268

One could even make the argument that voting Republican is the best move, because the sooner the country loses its remaining faith in government, the sooner we can start rebuilding it.

At least we agree that the best way to bring the country crashing down is to vote Republican.

In the time that Democrats were in power we finally started getting this country back on track. In the short time that Republicans have been back in power they've managed to totally screw things up again.

We went from funding projects that will help us recover economically, and make the country stronger, to debating shortsighted budget cuts with a GOP gun to our head.

That's what happens when progressives don't show up to vote.

Comment Re:Difference being? (Score 1) 268

Democrats may (as a group) be more conservative than european progressives, but that doesn't change that democrats are the progressive influence in American politics.

Democrats passed:

  • Economic stimulus
  • Universal healthcare
  • Financial reform(including consumer protection)
  • Unemployment insurance extensions
  • US Auto industry bailout

That seems pretty progressive to me.

Comment Re:Difference being? (Score 5, Interesting) 268

Uh.. let's see...

The republican party is fighting to cut funding for important government programs while cutting taxes on the rich.

The other party is seeking to raise taxes on the rich to fund important government programs. Programs like pell grants, infrastructure, education, and health care.

Only a total fool wouldn't be able to tell the difference as they parties play a dangerous game of brinkmanship with our national credit rating.

People who don't know the difference between our conservative and progressive parties are part of the reason that our political system is so broken. Politicians are playing us for fools, because we are too ignorant to tell the difference.

Comment Re:It's like watching a train wreck. (Score 1) 462

(eh.. forgot to log in..)

Selective memory, huh? Or have the 'Roaring 20's' went down the memory hole in college history courses these days?

The roaring twenties are much less impressive when looked at in the context of the great depression that follows. No, I'm not impressed by the roaring twenties and great depression that followed it enough to wish to repeat that chapter in our history.

But only in the US did FDR manage to make it a 'Great Depression.'

To add a bit more context.. spending cuts extended the length of the great depression, which is of course what Republicans want us to do right now. Lack of regulation of the markets that underpinned our financial system caused the recession, so naturally Republicans propose that we remove the financial regulations that we just passed.

Why do Progs always assume we must start by firing teachers, cops, etc?

Because my friends in the teaching profession are facing layoffs and horrible job prospects because of shortsighted tax and education policies. Policies enacted by Republicans (in my case Rick Perry and the rest of the Texas Tards)

Bring em up one at a time for a roll call vote on exactly that question. "The National Endowment for the Arts is so damned important that we authorize the sale of bonds to fund it. Yea or Nay."

Well, that would definitely be the fastest way to turn America into a 3rd world nation. I don't think that's really a good idea though. The current crop of Tea Party Republicans are some of the stupidest, most shortsighted and uneducated politicians to ever serve. The less they can destroy in what will hopefully be a short political career the better.

I'm probably never going to convince you that progressive policies are good for the country. I don't think you even understand what a national disaster the 20's were for America, even if they seemed good in the short term. All I can say is that Republicans have done alot of damage to this country and I hope we can minimize their damage and send them back to the delusional "think-tanks" where they belong.

Comment Re:It's like watching a train wreck. (Score 0) 462

Coolidge cut taxes boosted economic growth and increased tax revenue.

Your using the guy who was President just prior to the great depression (1923 -1929) as a positive example of conservative policies in action?!? What?!

Well, I guess we can agree that T-Paw's impact as President would be alot like Calvin Coolidge's.

Clinton (forced by Newt) even had reasonable economic policies and saw economic growth and increasing revenue.

Clinton raised taxes despite the opposition of every single Republican. Republicans saw the Clinton Presidency as a national low point (at least until W took over). The Clinton administration still had the best economic record of any recent President. Reagan raised taxes too, but I'm sure you've found a way to forget that, since it doesn't conform to your 'tax cuts are the answer' worldview.

I think the world would have alot more confidence in us if we were less delusional. I really can't believe someone actually suggested the Coolidge administration as a positive argument for conservatism. I mean.. political discourse has gotten pretty ridiculous in this country, but still...

Businesses won't hire until demand for their products improves. I don't think that firing teachers and other government workers is going to make things better. It could push us into another great depression, like your hero Calvin Coolidge did.

Comment Tell the sheeple it doesn't matter who wins... (Score 2, Insightful) 343

Barack Obama has made it American policy to not go after medical marijuana dispenserise though George W Bush (and to be fair Clinton) did attach these legal (at a state level) and illegal (at a fed level) dispenseries.

I wonder what Mitt Romney would do about medical marijuana. I wonder if he would tolerate it as much as gay marriage.

I remember that universal healthcare that W passed. And the financial industry regulation.

Also, I remember how George W Bush, didn't go out of his way to punch the environment in the balls, exempting natural gas fracking from the clean are and clean water acts.

Bad politicians thrive on a population that's too ignorant to tell the difference.

By the way.. guess which party supports unlimited anonymous "campaign contributions"..

I'll give you a hint.. Republicans support it, and installed supreme court judges to legalize unlimeted anonymous bribery, while Democrat appointed judges voted against it (in a 5-4 decision) in the Supreme court.

But.. yeah... it doesn't matter who you vote for. That's the best thing to keep the Sheeple from voting for progress.

A Republican house majority has once again kicked America in the balls, but luckily there are dumbasses like you who can't tell the difference.

Comment Matching my music with iTunes store? (Score 0) 662

iTunes iCloud will let you re-download your tracks at last, iTunes Match will let you match your ripped CDs to Apple's copies.

Couldn't Apple just store my music in the cloud like Google is going to?

I really doubt that iTunes is going to have a copy of "Southern Smoke (vol 5)" or "Armin Van Buren - A State of Trance Episode 425"

I'd only be able to hear my mainstream music at best. We still don't really know exactly what "matching" music really means.

Once again iTunes is passing off fundamentally flawed technology as a good thing, and the press is eating it up.

I can't wait for Google Music. I would feel bad for the folks stuck on the iPhone, but most of them seem to love their locked down phone. To each his own.

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