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Comment Re:If the question is: (Score 1) 222

This isn't about "them" or "the elites", this is simply people behaving rationally. If you got $1b in your account tomorrow, you'd be behaving exactly the same way, and you're no elite either.

I wouldn't. Why would I? $1b is enough to spend the rest of my life on the lap of luxury, while having plenty of resources leftover to spend in any cause I considered worthwhile, be it charity or space colonization or whatever.

Technically speaking, "rational" means maximizing expected utility. The utility of money asymptotically approaches a finite value as the amount of money approaches infinity, and for most people is already pretty darn close to it at $1b. Thus it is not generally rational to make great or even modest sacrifices to make more money at that point, especially since you are pretty much guaranteed to profit from simple and perfectly above-ground index investing.

Cheating when you're winning is the domain of people with severe psychological problems, not Joe Average. It is also extremely irrational.

Comment Re:hmmm (Score 5, Insightful) 658

That's so great, you get your data from political slogans.

Where do you get yours? From the people who don't want to get their dainty hands dirty but claim the credit for the accomplishments of those who do, and then show contempt for them?

Come on, even Marx admitted that some poor people were a burden on society.

The grandparent talked about "unproductive majority" and "productive minority", and then went on to imply that the employees - the people who actually produce every single thing produced in this or any other country - are examples of the former. That is a lie, regardless of what Marx or anyone may or may not have "admitted".

Also, society can take burdens. It can support the needy poor, and it could easily support the idle rich. What it can't take is wolves who prey on others, and then try to blame their victims for the results. That's nothing more than the divine right of the kings revisited, and will end the same way as the last time.

Comment Re:hmmm (Score 1) 658

It's like having the a strong password and then writing it on a post-it note that you stick to your monitor.

Which is perfectly reasonable, if it's a password for some remote service and you trust the people who have physical access to the computer. It sure beats both having a weak password so you can remember it, or writing it on a file in the computer where it can be stolen by an intruder.

Never underestimate security through a locked door and a dog.

Comment Re:He is rocking the boat, don't rock the boat (Score 1) 658

The average American KNOWS the average US veteran is a war criminal.

"KNOWS" as in "has evidence", or as in "some pseudonymous dude said so on an Internet forum without providing evidence, so it must be true"?

Because a lot of people seem to KNOW that Obama is actually a commie muslim with a fake birth certificate, or that jews did 9/11, or that Hitler is still alive in South America, or...

Comment Re:hmmm (Score 4, Insightful) 658

actually it promises to subsidize the unproductive majority by stealing from the productive minority

I'm pretty sure most people work for a living, and it's a small minority - about 1%, in fact - that steals from said productive people to support their parasitic lifestyle. And that would be a minor annoyance by itself, except that's not enough for them - no, they play at being "businessmen" by recklessly endangering the livelihood of the productive majority for their economic poker games, and then start throwing insults at the very same people who's labour supports them.

From just the tax rates on income and property, to various rules, laws and regulations that government imposes upon business to buy votes (be it minimum wage, various laws that give employees special powers to sue employers for any perceived 'wrongdoing', any kind of entitlement to the employers and customers that end up being obligations upon the employers and producers).

Who are these mystical "producers", since they are apparently not the employees in your mind? And why are you upset that the working class and the owning class define their relationship through laws, given your own insistence on the importance of the rule of it? Does it simply burn you that some laws actually side with the serfs rather than the parasites on top?

ALL democracies are destined to failure, that is not an option, it's an inevitable consequence of the rule of mob.

All systems are destined to failure due to nothing lasting forever, it's the inevitable consequence of time passing in a reality where chaos theory holds. Your assertion is dramatic but meaningless.

That's why to keep working the system is supposed to set those types of feelings and desires aside and concentrate on constantly and vigilantly protecting the rule of law, equality before law, equality of opportunity by providing equal application of law, prevention of discrimination by the mob, by the government.

So how does that equality before the law work when both parties are responsible for paying for their lawyers and the other has thousands of times as much available cash? How does equality of opportunity work when taking any opportunity likely has investment and opportunity costs and one party can pay them and the other can't?

Comment Re:Why would anyone want to work for the NSA? (Score 1) 530

Oh yeah, the economy sucks and people are desperate for money.

Kinda makes one wonder just how accidental the current depression really is. Desperate people not only do anything for money, but historically accept and even want strong leaders with unlimited power. So, for a politician or three-letter organization, the worse it gets the better it gets.

Comment Re:Targeted ads are better than untargeted ads (Score 1) 177

I'm not sure why I should hate targeted ads. I actually see ads for things I'm interested in... instead of random stuff.

Because the more you consume, the less you can save up, and the more dependent you are of maintaining your current job and/or the goodwill of your debtors, thus making you ever more helplessly bound and enslaved. Thus an ad should be considered an attempt to put another chain on you, an attack on your freedom, and a targeted ad a more effective attack.

The tracking, ad infinitum, has always been going on, will always be going on.

So has bubonic plague, but that's no reason to avoid taking antibiotics when you get it.

Comment Re:It is protest. (Score 1) 770

I was looking through my HS yearbook from ~1998, the girls seem different from today. Girls now talk as if they were mentally retarded- "OMG," "like totally," etc. It wasn't as bad back in the 90s.

So in your youth the youth spoke proper slang, which is different than the slang of today, therefore the modern youth must be retarded?

Seems like the average female IQ is dropping.

Bonus points for not knowing what IQ means.

Just look at the average girls Facebook feed- nothing but brain dead attention whores.

So... are you a creepy middle-aged cyberstalker of teenagers, or are you pulling stuff out of your ass?

Comment Re:Where is the problem? (Score 1) 770

I don't care what you do or don't do with your wabbly bits so long as if anyone else is involved it is consensual, but as far as life and evolution are concerned, you're an irrelevant dead end.

Maybe. Then again, the main thrust of human evolution is arguably cultural nowadays; even if no one carries your genes down the line, they might still carry your thoughts. And this is likely to only become more so in the future, as medicine and genetic engineering advance.

Comment Re:Sounds like my kid (Score 1) 770

What if they can't find a job and begin to cope with the benefits of the social security system, continuing playing video games on the sofa?

Well, to put it bluntly: so what? There's a huge surplus of workforce that's only going to get larger as automation continues to advance. Having the ever-increasing masses of unemployed people be content to spend their time quietly playing video games is about the best we can hope for; the alternative is civil unrest, riots, and ultimately a revolution.

Hikikomori is simply a perfectly rational adaptation to having little, if any, hopes for the future.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 195

My point Einstein, is that C is the language that CUDA, Cell, OpenCL and OpenGL SL are derived from. So it's a rather useful property of MagicNewLanguage if it is similar to what people are accustomed to already, preferably allowing them to express the same concepts in a terser but similar form.

And how, exactly speaking, would the MagicNewLanguage do that? Because we can probably assume that OpenCL etc. were written by people who knew what they were doing, and are thus already as or nearly ast good as a C-like interface to GPU gets. And that means that MagicNewLanguage either introduces some MagicNewConcept to the mix, or is redundant.

Comment Re:not exactly a lot of money (Score 1) 99

A much better long term saving would be to fire the person who signed that plan.

The only thing firing people for making mistakes does is make everyone concentrate mostly on covering their asses rather than doing their job. And the most efficient way to do that is to avoid being responsible for anything, the end result being that only corruption gets done.

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