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Comment You don't even haave to vote with your dollars. (Score 1) 5

Many games are free to play with a microtransaction model that is totally optional. EA is a leader in trying to make microtransactions required to complete the game or acquire items. Neither Valve or Riot games allow you to buy power or require you to pay money to play games. Valve's "Engagement Ring" was a joke product that is only cosmetic. Cliffy B is full of shit in this case.

Comment Re:If there was a Bad at Math Map... (Score 2) 1163

It's not the media's fault. It's the "first past the post" voting system that's in place all the way from the bottom to the top. That's why there are two dominant parties. Until that's changed votes for a third party cannabalize votes that would go to one of the major party candidates and hurt their chances to be elected (see Gore, Al).

Comment Re:Why Nate? (Score 5, Insightful) 576

It's because of what he offers in addition to the model. The color commentary, explanation of why things change from day to day and analysis of individual polling firms after the fact. I was paying attention to him from the start (2008 primaries on Daily Kos) and he does a great job of explaining things to the layman.

Comment Re:But when? (Score 1) 576

This was the case in 2010. Many progressive blogs thought the turnout numbers would be much more Democratic than they were because party ID changed so much in two years. You have to trust the poll aggregates and I believe they have learned their lesson since. Let's see if the Republican pundits and publications do the same or if they declare 2014 a sea change and the beginning of a Republican ascendency just because typically Democratice constituencies don't turn out like Republican constituencies in off-years.

Comment Re:one bug I noticed in developer preview (Score 1) 269

I don't think it's quite so much a problem for the "computer illiterate" as it is for power users who use computers quite often. I want a crap load of windows open and accessible via the taskbar. I want my normal icons and crap. I want to arrange more than three windows on a screen and to use multiple monitors easily. Windows 8 annoys me and I'm not a fan of it so I'll just hoard Win7 licenses.

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