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Comment Re:one bug I noticed in developer preview (Score 1) 269

I don't think it's quite so much a problem for the "computer illiterate" as it is for power users who use computers quite often. I want a crap load of windows open and accessible via the taskbar. I want my normal icons and crap. I want to arrange more than three windows on a screen and to use multiple monitors easily. Windows 8 annoys me and I'm not a fan of it so I'll just hoard Win7 licenses.

Comment Re:Good to see... (Score 2) 285

So on Slashdot of 2011, being a company that builds you software based on open source software and open sourcing every part of your software (even the parts you aren't obligated to) gets you no credit. Slashdot really was all about open source back in my day. What the fuck happened during the last few years to make Slashdot such a shit hole of trolls?

Comment The old Slashdot vs. current (Score 1) 770

The old Slashdot would have encouraged hackers and modders being able to have a choice in their operating system or ROM. The new Slashdot thinks it's reason to get an Apple phone.
The old Slashdot would have been happy that Android was open source. The new Slashdot thinks it's a bug rather than a feature.

In reality, it's somewhere between feature and bug. It means the manufacturers can make a large number of different phones without a Legion of employees to keep them all up to date and it gives customers choice in both hardware and os. It kinda pushes people to be involved with their phone and to start hacking on their phones. Having said that, it's annoying when you outgrow the capabilities of your cheap phone before you're eligible for an upgrade.

Comment Re:Well then why bring it up? (Score 1) 362

Not really. There's a whole subreddit about Android full of helpful people. Slashdot has become a backwater of curmudgeons and the number and quality of comments is really disappointing. I have such great memories of Slashdot but after a bit of a hiatus I realized why I don't visit as often.

Comment Re:Looks like the district didn't have metrics (Score 1) 406

It does take more time but it's better than throwing feces at students to see what sticks, right? People are too eager to pull the trigger without actually knowing if the bullet is going to hit the target or backfire. We shouldn't be as eager to say "Reader, fire, aim!" in the Slashdot community is really my point, I guess.

Comment Looks like the district didn't have metrics (Score 1) 406

The district should have run a pilot program with some volunteer students to get an idea of the projected improvement in scores so reluctant parents would have been convinced. Run a pilot and look at the numbers and you can show parents a simple graph of scores before the program vs scores after it.
That way the parents would have had an idea how their kids were going to benefit from it. It removes all the emotion from it and all the "good kids deserve perks" or "humiliation works to make things better" which are both just big generalizations. If it worked to improve the average score, go with it.
It's also the same with other incentive programs. They ran a test between three programs and the one that performed best was paying kids to read a book. Paying them to improve scores didn't do as well because it's difficult for kids to see a direct connection between their actions and test scores. Can't find the article right now. Google is not being my friend.

Comment Re:Steam policy on account bans (Score 1) 187

This is a shitty situation for everybody. The people AMD hired to do their fulfillment didn't do proper security so AMD is left trying to figure out how to not screw over people who bought their hardware, Codemasters now has a bunch of people playing their game for free and Valve has a support nightmare. Handling transactions on the web really shouldn't be this hard but apparently it is and you have to do your due diligence when picking an agency to handle data on the web.

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