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Comment Re:Wisdom (Score 0) 253


Any 'grad' can code....

Coders are 'ten a penny'

The value is in people who understand what the *business* needs to develop.

So many ways to skin a cat in this industry.

Find someone who understands your business and how they can develop it and 'move it forward'.

If they can also 'code' - look after them ;)

Comment Re:Sounds like a good approach - for the file shar (Score 0) 108

Yes that is pretty much spot on. A few years back this happened in the UK, but I am struggling to find a successful prosecution.

I received a 'warning' email, it simply showed my IP address and the name of a torrent file.

Good luck in our courts with that:


Comment Is this satire? (Score 0) 300

While I can not speak on the behalf of anybody else, as a member of the civilized world allow me to just say thank you Siemens, Mossad, the Pentagon, and anybody else who may have been involved in keeping the world safe by keeping nuclear arms out of the hands of genocidal dictators and oppressive theocracies

Is this satire? No slashmod states otherwise.....

Iran feels the need to have nuclear weapons because 'x' countries have them.

Even if Iran was to make *one* effective nuclear weapon - what on earth whould they do with it? Drop in it land that they and their forefathers believe is sacred and are willing to die for?

Fly *it* to America?

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