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Comment Not really the best practice (Score 5, Informative) 155

Rather than an encryption gateway, having your email client handle encryption avoids the problem of man-in-the-middle attacks between the gateway and the client.

I don't have much reason to encrypt, but Thunderbird has my certificate installed and does my digital signing. This is not unusual for a modern email client.

Comment Re:Xen's biggest obstacle right now (Score 1) 62

Xen's biggest obstacle right now is KVM. I am no VM expert, but I've been impressed with how well KVM runs, supporting non-VM-aware versions of Microsoft Windows among other things. It's really fun to put that Windows screen on the face of someone's iPad and watch them freak out when they see it's not a screenshot, somehow their iPad got Windows 7 installed on it!

Comment That's why we have CyanogenMod (Score 2) 123

Although I have not installed CyanogenMod on my Nexus 4, as I have on my Asus Transformer Infinity tf700, the option is available and I will probably eventually do so. I am installing nightlies every other day on the Transformer. I have the option not to use Google's services since I have control over the OS. IMO Google is selling the unit at parts cost, that's why it's from the Play store rather than another retailer. Obviously, not being locked in is always considered in my choice of hardware.

Comment Still on my first $10 (Score 4, Informative) 123

I bought an LG / Google Nexus 4 a while back. They're less than half the price of other top-end smartphones, unlocked and with no contract. I put a Platinumtel SIM in it with the $10 for 60 days GSM plan, and set it to restrict background data. The network is T-Mobile. After a month I'm still on the first $10, having of course made extensive use of wifi.

As far as I can tell, I have all of the smartphone benefits without much of the cost.

Comment Only Chromosomes Matter (Score 0) 697

Correct me if I am wrong, but the technology we are talking about here is merely splicing some reconstucted sequences into existing human cells.

You don't have to synthesize the entire cell. Only the nuclear and mitochondrial chromosomes matter. If you can replace the ones in a normal cell, what you have after division is the primitive cell reborn. You have to do this to a lot of cells, and grow them for a while, to get one without significant damage.

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