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Comment Re:It's not that it's underpowered... (Score 1) 188

Exactly how did Microsoft "[steal] the rug from under" Nintendo (or even Sony)?

The Wii has still outsold both of the other consoles by a large margin: 97 million Wii/67 million 360/64 million PS3).
I don't know the game sales statistics and I imagine Nintendo loses out there but they certainly aren't weak if they have machines in more living rooms.

I think the tablets stealing the casual gamer market concept is largely overhyped. At best I suspect it's competing with the handheld market.
I'm fairly certain that all three companies have made nice profits from the gaming industry and it would be dumb for any of them to exit the market while that holds true.

Comment Re:What a Load of Bullcrap! (Score 1) 1199

A) In my experience a decent amount of time people don't follow these rules a significant amount of the time. Especially when you go higher up on the employee scale. I know first hand of managers that smoke near doors (against policy) and no one says a thing because they want to keep their job and not make waves.

B) Doctors are a limited resource with limited time. It doesn't matter HOW much you increase insurance premiums for smokers. Smoking increases load on the system and thus it's going to affect other people.
And quite honestly they don't pass those costs off directly to the individual. I doubt the individual would be able to afford insurance then and the insurance companies likely can make more money by spreading the cost out.

C) Smoking is addictive. The GP certainly is if he has to take a smoke break every 2 hours. What happens the day he forgets his cigarettes or runs out? That's not going to impact his work? What about when he has to take more days off of work for sick leave down the line?

I'm not trying to argue for the policy in the article. It's obviously not going to help anyone and will just make more people upset.
But arguing that smoking doesn't hurt anyone but the smoker as the grandparent was trying is inane.

Comment Re:This is bad. (Score 0) 1199

I agree that this poorly implemented (prohibition rarely (never?) works) but you have to remember that smoking is on a totally different scale than riding a motorcycle or even alcohol.

Smoking hurts other people around you and sucks up more resources from the system in terms of cost (it increases insurance prices for everyone, doctors have to spend their very precious time taking care of these people) and because second-hand smoke.

How many children every day are breathing in their parent's smoke? And then have to deal with that parent dying early from smoking-related illness?
Alcoholics might beat you but at least they'll eventually kill themselves without giving you cancer.

I will admit that I am personally biased because I had to watch what happened to my best friend and his mom because of this addiction.

Comment Re:What a Load of Bullcrap! (Score 1) 1199

A) Second-hand smoke hurts other people, not just you. How far from your workplace doorway do you stand when you smoke, hmm?

B) The damage you do to your body with those cigarettes costs other people (people who use health services), your employer (if they subsidize your health insurance), and your doctor time and money that wouldn't have to spend if not for your selfish decision.

C) Is your job allowed to tell you that they won't hire heroin addicts? Are they allowed to fire alcoholics who are drunk at work?

To some degree I agree. If you were using a nicotine vaporizer or something and it didn't impact your work then it is not another person's business.
Likewise if you only smoked at home, had a clause in your insurance that said they wouldn't cover you for smoking-related illness (but covered rehab), and doctors were allowed to just let you die so they could spend their precious time elsewhere then it wouldn't be anyone else's business either.

In practice it's probably dumb to just outright fire smokers, it would make more sense to pay for part of their rehab and make it a requirement to continue working.
And of course they'll likely need something else to help relieve stress.

You're an addict. You need help. I hope that one day you do yourself and your loved ones a service and get help for it.

Comment Re:I've got a vague idea of what Steam is - (Score 4, Informative) 183

Think of a webkit-based instant messaging client and app store mixed together. It keeps your games up-to-date, has really good sale prices, and makes it stupidly easy to play games with friends.

The downside is that there is DRM (many games have to be launched through steam to play them) and it's kind of a pain to play games when offline.
In the past Valve has said that if they were to ever dissolve then they'll release a DRM removal tool.

Comment Re:Ermahgerd 1984! (Score 3, Interesting) 416

And who decides what a "terrorist threat" is? How do we know he wasn't being sarcastic?
A lot of shit gets said on the internet and in real life.

And notice nowhere is the actual quote of what he said posted...

Here are some context quotes by other people though: writes: "Some kid will get killed if he wears one of these in the hood. I'll guarantee that!"
Buzz1158 asks: "When will the first kid be killed for a pair?"

So if he responds to that in a way that says he's "watching kids and did not mind murdering them" then that's not tongue-in-cheek?

Comment Re:What kind of waste do these bacteria produce? (Score 1) 170

They also consume the oxygen from the water to help that process, so when these oil spills happen a lot of times you have rampant bacteria growth that hurts other marine life that needs that oxygen.

Probably still better than having the oil in the water though.

Comment Re:Fuck me. Romney has a case of.. (Score 1) 608

I know this is going to be emotionally unpopular but do you really think responsible population management and driving smaller cars are bad things?

Forcing people to do these things would be unconstitutional but you don't have to force people to affect a change.
Proper education of the issues, tax incentives, etc can do it just as easily.

The only hard thing would be doing it in a fair way so that it doesn't become only the rich can possibly have a large family or own a large car (aka the tax incentive has to be enough to make you think about it but not so much as to actually affect your ability to live your life).

If I remember the statistics correctly most of the U.S population growth is immigration so things certainly aren't in a bad place population wise.
I do think it would be nice to protect our future from having a population explosion by helping people to think a little before having babies.
Helping curb oil usage alone by encouraging people to think before buying a car would be worth it, global warming or no global warming.

Comment Re:There are no Facts (Score 1) 1469

While what you said is objectively true it's easier just to have some arbitrary cutoff.

People have a lot of emotional investment in babies and there's no good reason that one can't decide to abort within a reasonable time period and make it easier on everyone (outside of a medical condition endangering the life of the mother).

Comment Re:Like everywhere else it's been tried... (Score 2) 732

Just look at this pretty list of countries by health expenditure and note the percentage of GDP health care cost for countries that use universal health care.

For further shaming of the US system (and to the benefit of other systems) you can compare with the WHO ranking of health systems though that might be a less objective metric.

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