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Submission + - Brainy Guys Get the Chicks

MyLongNickName writes: Hey guys, I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but there is hope for us yet. According to some researchers, guys with brains score better with the chicks. Myself, I am leaning towards wishful thinking on the researchers' part, or women who report things differently when making a conscious decision versus what happens in reality. However, get out of your mom's basement, put on a clean shirt and put on the pocket protector. It might be time to get lucky!
Wireless Networking

Submission + - SysAdmin 9

MyLongNickName writes: Dear Slashdot Community, I am an IT administrator for a major city on the West Coast. For security reasons I cannot name the city. However, I find that I have a rogue device on our network. I cannot find any information in my MCSE bootcamp journal on how to handle this. If you were in my position, what would you do to find the physical location of such a rogue device, and how can I disable it? Thank You, Anonymous.

Submission + - Staying Current in a Small Office Environement

MyLongNickName writes: Less than a month ago I took a position at a smaller firm (around 50 employees) as an IT Manager. As you might expect from the size of the company, I oversee quite a variety of tasks. I come from a background of computer programming, and am definitely not a master of every function.

We rely on third party solutions providers for areas like our networking, web hosting, phone systems, etc. I am used to working in a larger environment with a large IT staff (and not just because of super sizing at McDonald's). Just the daily rubbing elbows allowed me to stay current in areas that I did not directly touch. And when I had a question, I personally knew someone who could answer my question. I am not in that environment now.

How do I stay current? I don't want to be a master of every technology, but I want to be aware of trends in the industry. I want to not depend on one contractor advising me. I know, of course, that Slashdot is the IDEAL place for this type of information, but I'd like to hear other ideas as well :)

Submission + - Retrofit any car to be nearly emissions free car? ( 1

MyLongNickName writes: According to Reuters, cares could be fitted with a device to substantially reduce their emissions. A box can be inserted into the existing exhaust of virtually any car, trapping and storing the greenhouse gases in a stable form. These gases could then be reprocessed, using genetically modified algae, to create biofuel. The team of developers has worked on this for a couple years and has performed 130 tests, demonstrating an 85-95% capture rate. While I am somewhat skeptical, they are not making outlandish claims. If true, and it has no negative impact on gas mileage, this would be an incredible breakthough. Reduced emissions without requiring everyone to buy specially engineered cars.
User Journal

Submission + - Banned still

MyLongNickName writes: Wow. This is ridiculous. I can post at work, but at home, I am apparently banned for life. I'm just kinda curious how long I will be banned, otherwise, I'd e-mail and see if I could get it lifted. Funny part is, it has to be related to two posts that got modded both "funny" and "troll" pretty much equally.

Sounds like next time I make a risky joke, I will also have to post something pseudo intellectual to get the slashbots to mod it up and balance it out.

I understand Slashdot has to ward off the trolls, but they have some work to do on the algorithms.
User Journal

Submission + - Banned from Slashdot

MyLongNickName writes: Still banned from posting from home. Not sure how this happened. I had two comments that got modded funny and troll. After this, I was unable to post. Considering my lengthy posting history, and excellent karma, I have to wonder if Slashdot doesn't have an issue with its algorithms.

Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner . If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down

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