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Comment Liberal Group? (Score 1) 1128

This group is proud to call itself liberal, but their entire purpose is to subvert the democratic process. Additionally, negative comments about the organization's purposes are removed from their comment system (more rightly, never make it through moderation). So if this group is against democracy and free speech then I am left to wonder how they define 'liberal'.

Comment Re:lesson (hopefully) learned... (Score 1) 278

Hi, I can assure you that a well managed IT staff does lay down the law on issues like these. They will have done a good job in educating senior management about why such practices are needed and what the costs to the company are if not followed.

If you are not willing to take the heat for decisions like these then I hope you are a low-level worker who doesn't have the authority to make decisions.

Comment Re:They're mixing up the terms (Score 1) 669

However, worse crimes are done by US Officials and the judicial system does nearly nothing about it. I wonder which state is actually more democratic right now.

Okay genius. Tell you what.... go move to Zimbabwe and start criticizing their president and organize another party to go against him. Report back on your findings.

Comment Re:One example of WikiLeaks damage (Score 1) 696

He didn't have the courage to be honest and publically say, "this is terrible right now but I sincerely believe it is a necessary step towards a brighter future and therefore worth enduring, however unfortunate that will be". Instead of doing that, openly and honestly, he said what he thought people wanted to hear in public while saying what he really believes they should do in private. There's a word for that: hypocrisy.

No, this is not hypocrisy. It is being smart. If you come out and say that you think the sanctions are a good thing you get kicked out of power by the tyrant. Your family gets harassed, imprisoned and possibly killed. This man was doing his darndest to change a horrible situation in a non-violent manner and he gets undercut by poor data protection measures by the US, and an egomaniac who has an axe to grind against the US.

Comment Zombie Brands (Score 3, Insightful) 185

There is a marketing term for this - Zombie Brand. Basically a name has a certain recognition with people and companies want to capitalize on this. Rather than building their own brand equity, a new company wants to borrow this recognition from its target market.

Memorex is an example of this. They were bought and disbanded in the 80's only to later become an Imation brand in name only. Who (over the age of 30) doesn't remember the catch phrase "is it live? or is it Memorex". Imation wanted to tap into this to increase their profitability.

Heck, I could argue that Star Trek: TNG et all are guilty of this as well.

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