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Comment Re: Great (Score 1) 87

"you can only extract 20% of their capacity from them before you damage the battery by sulfating the plates."

You're confusing two issues, I think. Sulfation happens if a lead acid battery is kept in a (partially) discharged state for too long (weeks). That will happen with deep-cycle batteries as well.

The issue with starter batteries is that the plates are thin and tend to crumble during a deep discharge, when a large fraction of the lead plate is electrochemically converted.

Comment Re: one side of the story (Score 1) 710

So she should shut up about what she considers harassment even if it continues after she leaves?

Ever think that she might be doing the other employees who may have or would have experienced the same things a favor?

You don't think that it never occurred to her that blowing the whistle might limit her own future employment opportunities?

Comment re:she's a nutcase (Score 1) 710

If the hula hoop thing were the only incident then I would agree with you. However, you have to look at it from her perspective having experienced everything else that she says went on prior to that. She seemed to endure a great deal of harassment over things that had to do with who she was dating and who she didn't want to date. Would this have happened to a guy? I don't think so.

As far as the party goes, I think if you go to a bar with a bunch of coworkers and the bar turns out to be a meat market, well... don't go there again if that kind of behavior bothers you. If on the other hand, it's a company event, -that's a little tougher.

Comment Re: one side of the story (Score 1) 710

Doesn't matter if she's good or bad. If her code is removed, she should be given an explanation. She said that the guy she rejected began to routinely pull her code without any giving any reason at all, or even telling her it was removed.

Someone else said it, but I'll repeat it. Individually you could write the things she experienced off as bad behavior on the part of particular people. Collectively it must have made working there a nightmare. Lots of people here have identified the hula hoop incident as nothing more than men and women acting like men and women sometimes do at parties. That doesn't mean it doesn't make some of the people there uncomfortable. I've seen it. It's one thing to go to bar with some co-workers knowing it's a meat market. It's different when it's a company event.

And again, while that incident alone might not be a particular concern, lump it in with all the other stuff that happened to her and you've got a problem with culture of the organization.

The key question is would any of this stuff have happened if she were a guy?

Comment Re:Antiseptic Mouthwash Raises Heart Attack Risk (Score 1) 63

Funny. Years ago I thought I remember research that said the reverse. Can't find it though - Google seems crappier nowadays (you just get zillions of hits for the 2014 item).

Even reduce premature births:

Generally periodontal disease seemed linked to higher heart disease:
So maybe the particular mouthwash used was bad?

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2) 334

"Death is wrong" is still stupid though. This is a nongeek/nerd article. Because any geek who knows his/her science knows what forever means AND thus logically won't want to live forever AND thus at a certain point Death is Right.

0) I doubt people are psychologically able and stable enough to _enjoy_ a mere billion years of existence. A thousand years, ten thousand years, maybe. But a billion? Now guess how long is forever. So many can barely tolerate a single day of no Internet access ;).
1) How many stars are going to last forever? What are you going to do when the last ones in your range die?
2) I doubt you want to live so long that this becomes very personally relevant:

When I posted a comment on this sort of thing before, someone basically said we all know what living forever means, you don't have to tell us. But this whole "death is wrong" story is evidence that not all of us do.

Lastly, "May you live forever" would be a pretty scary witchdoctor curse if it worked, maybe someone should write a sci-fi horror story... I'm a crap writer tho.

Comment Re:Not so many options (Score 1) 207

IE9 onwards is an entirely different beast to previous versions. If you haven't used IE since version 9 came out, it is worth at least testing (if you're on windows at least). There isn't really a major browser out there at the moment which doesn't suck in various ways, but in terms of suckage recent versions of IE aren't actually bad.

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