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Comment Re:Can someone explain this with a car analogy? (Score 1) 128

Actually X11 is more like a Westfield kit car. It comes in pieces and you are expected to assemble it yourself. No two builds are exactly the same and the result depends heavily on the end user. Whilst performance is decent there is no warranty and there's always the chance that a problem with some minor thing you thought was inconsequential will cause it to burn to the ground.

Comment Re:I always thought Auction house is what make Dia (Score 1) 219

Meh. I think the 4 slots is fine. Yeah it sucks having to throw stuff out, but really - if you could keep every legendary you ever found, starting a new character would be no challenge at all. A maximum of 4 slots gives your new character/alt a little bit of a leg up, but you're not going to be a walking death machine right out of the blocks.

Submission + - Arachnophobic Entomologists: When Two More Legs Make a Big Difference (sciencedaily.com)

antdude writes: This Science Daily article mentioned "Arachnophobic Entomologists: When Two More Legs Make a Big Difference ... For some entomologists, an apparent paradox exists: Despite choosing a career working with insects, they exhibit negative feelings toward spiders which range from mild disgust to extreme arachnophobia..."

Seen in Engwinner's forum thread.

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