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Comment Re:Defending in Depth? Or Eggs in All Baskets? (Score 1) 132

I use LP too, though I have to confess that I don't make full use of their password generation feature. I haven't tried the mobile apps - do those make it easy to log into sites from your phone?


What about when you're at a different computer (not your own) - you simply use the mobile app to retrieve your password?

... and yes (if by mobile app you mean log on to the web site). You could, of course, also have a mobile version of Firefox with Lastpass so there is no danger of keylogging your Lastpass sign-in.

Comment Re:It might be even more sinister than that (Score 1) 263

Actually, FTA...

researchers say they’ve built “a prototype for automatically generating and distributing believable misinformation

That sounds like an automated version of dreaming up gloom doom death scenarios, but it's not to say it was a joke. For one, the person who leaked it would be identified. For two, if someone leaks real information there is nothing stopping the government from claiming it was "believable misinformation".


Submission + - Microsoft Surface crashes during release demonstration (

michaelwigle writes: "Reminiscent of the Windows 98 crash, Windows president Steven Sinofsky has his Surface device freeze on him while trying to browse with Internet Explorer. Interesting that his podium had a spare ready to go that he could grab quickly. I guess they learned something from the Windows 98 debacle..."

Comment If for no other reason... (Score 1) 245

... than the Slashdot effect. Putting up a direct link to ZIP file on a blog and then getting the article on Slashdot is certainly a good way to melt the servers. Hopefully someone will get a torrent up for it soon so the hundreds of folks trying to download it don't trash the server (and take several days doing it since it's a 300+MB file).

Comment Re:Wait for report... THEN install! (Score 4, Informative) 36


"While a completed (privacy impact assessment) is not a requirement that prevents the CBSA from continuing with AV monitoring and recording, it will provide us with additional information concerning how we can strengthen current practices and continue to evolve our operations," Nadon said.

Nope, it's install and use regardless of the report...

Comment Re:So that's really why he gave up his citizenship (Score 5, Informative) 445

Nope, I'm a Canadian who moved to the US. I had to do dual income taxes the first year because I spent a partial year in both countries. After that, it was only US taxes. If I were to actually make income in Canada then it would be a different story, I believe, but I can make as much as I want in the US and not pay income tax to Canada.

Comment Re:In reply to alot of the posters (Score 1) 338

I'm not sure what you mean by "found out". I have always been very clear with them about it and they fully understand it because I don't give them access to the computer until I know they can. As far as controlling goes, yes, I absolutely put limits on their actions and interactions. They children, not little adults. When they show good judgement I give them more freedom, when they show poor judgement I give them less freedom. But I suspect you and I look at child rearing very differently and that's fine. I also see that you result to name-calling when you disagree with someone, and that's fine too.

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