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Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 562

I seem to be having trouble conveying this very simple idea (not something major or important at all). Let's start with the concept that money only has utility in the context of a society, for the exchange of goods or services. Other materials can have utility to an individual separated from society, which money cannot. These types of utility are different. Do you see that now?

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 562

No, it has the value we attribute it with. As a concept, it has intrinsic utility, but that's not the same as value. Food has intrinsic value because you can eat it. Wood has intrinsic value because you can build a house out of it. Money only has value if other people also believe it has value. No one has to believe food is edible, or that wood is a good building material. Do you see how these things are different?

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