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Comment What are they shutting down exactly? (Score 2, Insightful) 390

I doubt that these senators have considered the possibly that being able to shut down an offending site (say Bing, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Youtube, ) wouldn't have significant collateral damage.

This is equivalent to shutting down an entire mall (which happens to include an office for the County Tax Assessor, small FBI field office, post office and police substation) on the account of one bad employee grossly (mis)representing the interests of the merchant renting space in said mall.

Bottom line:
Merely having such a kill switch is not a license use it indiscriminately and not face the consequences of its misuse.
(Notice that engineers are required to retain errors and omissions insurance for bad engineering decisions, but no legislator is required to retain insurance for passing of bad laws.)

Comment Counter-suit stratagy (Score 4, Interesting) 422

I would like to see a John/Jane Doe counter-sue the promoter and request an injunction to prevent the event from happening. Using the **AA logic against them, canceling the event and refunding all the sold tickets and paying the resultant venue cancellation fees would be far less costly than dealing with the resultant piracy with very little hope of cost recovery from said lawsuit.

Comment Why can't they use this data fix their coverage? (Score 3, Insightful) 178

It seems odd that now that the carriers have GPS coordinates of where their subscribers are using their services, that they seem unwilling to use this data (GPS coordinates and dropped calls) to improve their coverage and services where the customer needs it.

Oh, that entails spending money rather than making money. (Fail.)

Comment Re:I actually bought some 3.5" disks recently... (Score 1) 505

That sounds like my story.
Old BIOS (doesn't support USB for floppy drive mapping)
Windows Server 2003
On-board RAID controller that hasn't been sold in the last six years ("new" enough to not be included in the stock windows drivers.)
On top of that, I had to buy the floppy drive and cable to do this one-time OS reload. (None of the machines from the bone pile had a working floppy drive.)
Sure makes one appreciate the way the HP server install media can on-the-fly create an "unattended" install for these legacy OS installs.

Comment Re:Old school (Score 1) 823

I quit using pencil when I had a calculus instructor that sped through examples faster than any pencil (mechanical, #6, other) could keep up with. I switched to pen as it was the only writing implement that could keep up without fail.

Errors were corrected in-line as a mark-up.

Comment Re:Let me get the straight... (Score 1) 451

I deliberately posed this as a trick question and you took the bait.

According to the copyright law as written in Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 the Federal Government is prohibited from holding any copyright (with rare exceptions that probably don't apply here.)

Besides, the original song was written during the War of 1812 so the music copyright is out the window, that leaves the performance right.

Comment Let me get the straight... (Score 1) 451

If I were to stream and copy the American National Anthem as performed by the US Marines from the most recent Presidential Inauguration, who am I stealing from?

Who owns the copyright and who will make the claim that I have "stolen" (infringed on their copyright?)
What is the criteria of disallowing fair-use for such an official and publicly performed work?

Zero Tolerance = Zero Sensibility = Zero Critical Thinking


Submission + - 3 charges against Terry Childs dropped (

phantomfive writes: Terry Childs, who was arrested nearly a year ago for refusing to turn over the passwords to the San Francisco's FiberWAN network has been cleared for three of the four charges against him. The charges that were dropped referred to the attachment of modems to the network. The remaining charge is for refusing to turn over the password. The prosecutor has vowed to appeal, to have the charges reinstated. We have the original story, and the story where Childs tells his side, for those who want a refresher.
Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - How do you pay the bills?

Deanalator writes: "What sort of stuff do you do on a daily basis to pay the bills?

web stuff
programming stuff to sell
programming stuff internally
testing stuff
networking stuff
tech support
retail stuff
academic stuff
multi level marketing
finance stuff
legal stuff
businessy stuff
sciency stuff
mercenary stuff
criminal stuff
my government pays my bills
other people pay my bills"

Submission + - Zimbra, a Yahoo! Company Competes with Exchange (

An anonymous reader writes: It would appear that Zimbra's Collaboration suite is getting more traction with hosted service providers. It would appear from the list of providers using Zimbra, which is a Yahoo! company, that an alternative to hosted Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint is growing.
The Courts

Submission + - Spore EULA Enforceable?

imunfair writes: "Designing games we often prototype using placeholder models, such as those created by the Spore creature creator. Normally those models must be replaced — but Spore models created by the user would seem to be the property of that user. However, their EULA claims items you create are their property — to protect EA since they reuse your creations in their game.

Can they legally stop you from using these models in your own game? Are there other instances of content creation tools successfully restricting use of the content users create?"

Submission + - How to prove someone is female?

krou writes: Caster Semenya won the 800m at the World Athletics Championship in blistering style leaving her competitors in the dust, but she has been thrown into the midst of a scandal amidst claims that she's not really a woman. According to press reports (there are many), she's believed to shave, is flat chested, has a very masculine physique, previously preferred playing physical games with boys, and shunned traditional female activities and clothing. Questions about her gender have followed her entire career. Previously, acceptance that she was a women relied on simple inspection of female genitals. However, according to other reports, the IAAF claim that they want to conduct further tests to see if 'she may have a rare medical condition that gives her an unfair advantage.' An IAAF spokesmen noted that 'The [testing] process was started after Semenya made her startling breakthroughs — a 25-second improvement at 1500m and eight seconds at 800m, just some weeks ago.' I'm curious what /.ers think: what can be considered proof of someone being male or female? Is it simply a case of having the right genitals, or is there some other criteria that should be used? Is the IAAF right in claiming that someone should be prevented from competing because they have a rare medical or genetic advantage?

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