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Comment Re:License war commencing... (Score 1) 457

On that occasion I didn't complain to the manager, although I have complained on other instances - makes me sound like a moaner, but I've only felt the need to complain about something once every couple of years or so. I've also called on managers when I've received what I considered to be particularly good service - probably slightly more often than I've had to complain actually.

Comment Re:License war commencing... (Score 3, Insightful) 457

To judge such cluster**** based on a handful of experiences(regardless of being bad or good) is just impossible.

No, it's easy, you make a decision based on how you personally feel about an issue and stick with it.
An assistant in a store was rude to me once, I decided not to shop there again. I've never been in the place since. She may, or may not, still be working there - I've made a decision and I'm sticking with it.

Same with Sony, I decided that one arm of the conglomerate commited an act heinous enough (to me), that I wouldn't buy Sony products - I voted with my feet.
In reality it's practically impossible to avoid Sony products since they have their corporate fingers in so many pies. But if I see a product has a Sony logo on it, I won't buy it.
Some of Sony's products are excellent, but I've decided that I won't give them my money. Some would say that I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face - but that really is the essence of voting with your feet this way.
I'll explain why I don't buy Sony if anybody's ever interested in listening, some understand my position some don't, or don't consider that it's an important enough issue (to them) - that's fine by me.
Of course, as it's purely a personal decision, I can reconsider my stance at any time - and even change my mind. So, based on my experiences, I don't buy Sony or Toyota, and I don't shop at B&Q. Your experiences will differ.

Comment Re:Need Clarity (Score 1) 264

Debian Wheezy is the Linux kernel based O/S we all know and love - Debian 7.0.
The Debian devs took a huge number of the packages available and re-built them to work in the Hurd environment, which uses a different kernel.

There are probably no inherent benefits to using Hurd over Linux - and there are certainly many reasons for picking Linux over Hurd, support being just one of them.
If you have a spare VM though then it may be worth installing Hurd just as a learning process.

Comment Re:Only true for a small portion of the world (Score 1) 417

What is this "European" system of which you speak?

It makes as much sense to try and lump all European countries together as it does to try and lump all the States together, for the purposes of making comparison about cultures or "systems".

You may live in the "United" States, but from an outsiders perspective there certainly seem to be many differences from one area of the country to another.

Comment Re:Better Question: (Score 1) 152

The trouble is that skype does "just work". My son lives abroad, so we use skype to talk. I'd much rather use a "free" solution (using openly defined protocols and open source software if at all possible).
I'm sure it's possible, but he also uses skype to chat with his friends and it wouldn't be easy to get all of them to use a different solution.
So, he uses multiple clients, or we all just use skype - unless we can find someting worth the hassle of converting to, which would have to work on Linux, Android & Windows.

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