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Comment Re:Need Clarity (Score 1) 264

Debian Wheezy is the Linux kernel based O/S we all know and love - Debian 7.0.
The Debian devs took a huge number of the packages available and re-built them to work in the Hurd environment, which uses a different kernel.

There are probably no inherent benefits to using Hurd over Linux - and there are certainly many reasons for picking Linux over Hurd, support being just one of them.
If you have a spare VM though then it may be worth installing Hurd just as a learning process.

Comment Re:Only true for a small portion of the world (Score 1) 417

What is this "European" system of which you speak?

It makes as much sense to try and lump all European countries together as it does to try and lump all the States together, for the purposes of making comparison about cultures or "systems".

You may live in the "United" States, but from an outsiders perspective there certainly seem to be many differences from one area of the country to another.

Comment Re:Better Question: (Score 1) 152

The trouble is that skype does "just work". My son lives abroad, so we use skype to talk. I'd much rather use a "free" solution (using openly defined protocols and open source software if at all possible).
I'm sure it's possible, but he also uses skype to chat with his friends and it wouldn't be easy to get all of them to use a different solution.
So, he uses multiple clients, or we all just use skype - unless we can find someting worth the hassle of converting to, which would have to work on Linux, Android & Windows.

Comment Re:Police, Fire Brigade, Truncheon, Axe... (Score 1) 115

Do you honestly believe these botnets are made up of thousands of otherwise diligent users who fell prey to a zero-day attack?
The millions of those who can't be bothered to update their systems have been bloody lucky not to get caught up in it then haven't they?

And just because somebody might get caught out by a zero day doesn't automatically absolve everybody from taking some responsibility for the security of their systems.

Comment Re:Police, Fire Brigade, Truncheon, Axe... (Score 1, Interesting) 115

That's like saying home users should be made personally liable if their PC is infected with a virus that adds it to a botnet and is used for a DDOS attack.

Or like saying a car driver should be responsible for the damage he causes if he crashes into another vehicle.

Oh.. wait..

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