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Comment Re:License war commencing... (Score 1) 457

On that occasion I didn't complain to the manager, although I have complained on other instances - makes me sound like a moaner, but I've only felt the need to complain about something once every couple of years or so. I've also called on managers when I've received what I considered to be particularly good service - probably slightly more often than I've had to complain actually.

Comment Re:License war commencing... (Score 3, Insightful) 457

To judge such cluster**** based on a handful of experiences(regardless of being bad or good) is just impossible.

No, it's easy, you make a decision based on how you personally feel about an issue and stick with it.
An assistant in a store was rude to me once, I decided not to shop there again. I've never been in the place since. She may, or may not, still be working there - I've made a decision and I'm sticking with it.

Same with Sony, I decided that one arm of the conglomerate commited an act heinous enough (to me), that I wouldn't buy Sony products - I voted with my feet.
In reality it's practically impossible to avoid Sony products since they have their corporate fingers in so many pies. But if I see a product has a Sony logo on it, I won't buy it.
Some of Sony's products are excellent, but I've decided that I won't give them my money. Some would say that I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face - but that really is the essence of voting with your feet this way.
I'll explain why I don't buy Sony if anybody's ever interested in listening, some understand my position some don't, or don't consider that it's an important enough issue (to them) - that's fine by me.
Of course, as it's purely a personal decision, I can reconsider my stance at any time - and even change my mind. So, based on my experiences, I don't buy Sony or Toyota, and I don't shop at B&Q. Your experiences will differ.

Comment Re:Need Clarity (Score 1) 264

Debian Wheezy is the Linux kernel based O/S we all know and love - Debian 7.0.
The Debian devs took a huge number of the packages available and re-built them to work in the Hurd environment, which uses a different kernel.

There are probably no inherent benefits to using Hurd over Linux - and there are certainly many reasons for picking Linux over Hurd, support being just one of them.
If you have a spare VM though then it may be worth installing Hurd just as a learning process.

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