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Comment Re:no 5th? (Score 1) 1047

The very first person to be jailed by this law in the UK was a schizophrenic who was just stopped randomly at Eurostar border checkout for having a toy rocket from Estes without a rocket engine in it. They claim they found 1microgram or some other miniscule amount of explosive on him, probably when the dogs they train to sniff these things shaking it's fur. Then then wanted to look on his computer at his home and the schizophrenia kicked in and he refused. He was thrown in jail with a years sentence and then after he got out there they committed him to an asylum.

That's my memory of the news in any case. All that for bring an engine-less toy rocket back from France.

Comment Re:Screen recorder - here (Score 1) 107

This is probably it. Thanks.

For something ontopic. What's all that stuff about morse code in the source then? Are they providing several challenges so they can recruit people of different skill levels and I indeed different areas of expertise? It would seem the logical thing to do. Maybe there is even another even harder challenge in there to get the really really clued up people? Maybe there's a code hidden In the white space of the source code? (Just throwing down the gauntlet and teasing people).

Comment Re:A No Brainer (Score 1) 500

A what cost to the economy? The assumption is that the economy won't be affected by pushing cars out of the rush hour areas. What a wholely niave assumption. If people had the choice to be just as economically viable and live in quiet areas they would probably already do so. What a dangerous gamble this would be. Especially in times when people are already under huge economic pressure. It'll probably be a congestion success and the economy of the Netherlands will nose dive.

Comment Re:A better product is.. (Score 1) 102

Your welcome. We developed it initially to solve specific security problems. But it is indeed very generic and includes some simple to use but none the less quite flexible state control so as to keep it's potential applications flexible. We'll see what kind of things users are interested in.

We will try and generate as much news as possible when we launch, so hopefully you will notice :-) As we will be amongst the very first consumer hardware products to support WebM this shouldn't be too much trouble.


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