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Submission + - Hockey player fired for not signing flag

An anonymous reader writes: More news from the Patriotic Insanity department. 12/18/nb-hockeyflag.html

From the article:
A junior hockey player has been ousted from the Saint John Sea Dogs after he did not sign a Canadian flag that the team was sending to troops in Afghanistan. Dave Bouchard — a 20-year-old from Jonquière, Que., who played left wing on the Quebec Major Junior team — said he thought someone else had already signed his name. But Sea Dogs coach Jacques Beaulieu said he did not accept that explanation and cut him from the team after Saturday's game. "Morally, we have standards with this hockey team and that's a standard that we believe in," Beaulieu told CBC News Monday. "I mean, if Dave doesn't believe in it, that's fine. But he won't be part of it. He won't be part of this organization. That's the standard that we set."

Submission + - Wii Remote Driver for Linux Released

keitosama writes: "Yesterday, version 0.1.2 of WMD, a Wii Remote driver for Linux, was released. It will allow the Wii Remote to act as a mouse and a keyboard, and while it might not yet be useful as much more than a media player remote controller, that's a great start.

WiiLi, a project aiming to port Linux to the Wii, are planning to develop a media center LiveCD called WiiLi Link for regular PCs, using the remote for this purpose. If you've got a working Bluetooth unit in your PC, it should be able to use the Wiimote. If you for some sadistic reason wish to use the Wiimote with your PS3, it's now possible with these patches."
The Almighty Buck

Melting Coins Now Illegal In the U.S. 778

A number of readers have noted the action by the U.S. Mint to outlaw the melting down or bulk export of coins. This has come about because the value of the precious metals contained in coins now exceeds their face value. The Mint would rather not have to replace pennies (at a cost of 1.73 cents per) or nickels (at 8.74 cents). The expectation is that Congress will mandate new compositions for some U.S. coins in 2007.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - commercial game written in pygame released

Horst JENS writes: "A game written in the python extension pygame was released this Saturday: Galcon is a hectic coffee-break game where you conquer planets by launching armadas of little spaceships against your enemy. The demo of the game is free to download, but to play the full version a key (US$ 19,95) has to be purchased. Mac and Windows versions are linked from the homepage, a linux version is not linked yet but can be found at"

Submission + - MySpace users have stronger passwords than corp...

Ant writes: "This Wired News column reports Bruce Schneier's analysis the data from a successful phishing attack on MySpace and compares the captured user-passwords to an earlier data-set from a corporation. He concludes that MySpace users are better at coming up with good passwords than corporate drones. The article is a great state-of-the-password address, with lots of fun nuggets like "We used to quip that 'password' is the most common password. Now it's 'password1.' Who said users haven't learned anything about security?" ... Seen on Boing Boing."

Submission + - Sun Released Java 6 Much Sooner Than Expected!

jgertzen writes: "From the Java home page at Sun: Java SE 6 is the current major release of the Java SE platform. Java SE 6 features and enhancements to the platform are summarized in the Umbrella JSR (JSR 270). Areas of improvement include: New Security Features and Enhancements, Integrated Web Services, Scripting Language Support (JSR 223), Enhanced Management and Serviceability, Increased Developer Productivity & Improved User Experience. The new Scripting Language Support is one of the most anticipated features because it includes a new framework and API for binding to scripting languages as well as a built-in version of the Mozilla Rhino engine for JavaScript. If Ajax hasn't skyrocketed JavaScript's popularity enough, this is certain to do it!"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Bank error not in your favor, lose $400.

Loconut1389 writes: "A few days ago, I deposited $400 cash in an atm. Long ago, I remember my mother saying not to put cash in an ATM, but have been doing so ever since I 'grew up' without problem- until now. This morning I looked at my online banking to see if a check had gone through only to see that they 'corrected' my deposit to $40 instead of $400. I have to wait until things open to speak with a human and work towards fixing this, but even if they immediately take me at my word and correct the 'correction'- the larger question remains: is it safe to deposit cash? I've been a customer at this particular bank for 6 years with no incidents like this- which should be in my favor, but I ask Slashdot, do you deposit cash? Have you had a problem like this? What problems did you have getting the bank to trust you?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linus on "GPL-tagged kernel modules only"

slashthedot writes: "Linus, on the Linux mailing list today stressed on why it is not good on the part of developers or open source zealots to force people to use software only the way developers want. Responding to a suggestion that a time limit be set ( 12 months was suggested) after which kernel won't be allowed to load non- GPL tagged module, he said users should be allowed to use software the way they want. He tries to make the difference between use and distribution clear. rnel-modules.html"

Submission + - Interlink sues Nintendo over Wiimote

donaldm writes: A few months ago I once said jokingly to some of my colleagues that it won't be long before someone sues Nintendo for patent violation on their Wiimote. Well unfortunately I was right as the following Arstechnica article shows .html

My next crystal ball prediction will be a patent case on accelerometers which are used by Nintendo and Sony in their contollers. I really hope I am wrong but with the sad state of patents (rumble anyone) I won't be surprised.

Submission + - Google Launches Patent Search

Alexander Limi writes: "The busy guys here at Google launched Google Patent Search today, which makes it possible to search all USPTO patents. To make this search they acquired the patent images and metadata from the USPTO and ran the images through OCR before building an index and front-end like they have done for books. Check out some funny and ridiculous patents."

Submission + - FSF pledges $60.000 on the Free Software Campaign

Quim Rovira writes: "Boston, December 13th 2006 — Free Software Foundation announces that it will officially support the Free Ryzom campaign ( with a pledge of $60,000
The Free Ryzom campaign was established to purchase the online game and universe known as Ryzom, property of the now bankrupt Nevrax company, and release the entire game as free software.

As stated by Peter T. Brown, Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation, the FSF considers the Free Ryzom campaign "a high priority project for the free software movement". The aim of the campaign is to publish the source code to the entire game under the terms of the widely-used GPL, as well as publishing all of the artwork and other content under similar free licenses.
Read the whole Press Note on: Free Software Foundation Press Note Free Ryzom Campaign Press Note"

Submission + - "Logic bomb" backfires on hacker

Jay writes: "From Reuters, A former UBS PaineWebber employee was sentenced to eight years in prison on Wednesday for planting a computer "logic bomb" on company networks and betting its stock would go down. The investment scheme backfired when UBS stock remained stable after the computer attack and Roger Duronio lost more than $23,000."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Open source laser business opens in New York City

ptorrone writes: "If you can't stand the idea of a cookie-cutter laptop and you live in New York, you have a new option: laser-etching. Phil Torrone, an editor at Make magazine, and Limor Fried, a former fellow at the tech-focused art studio Eyebeam R&D, are working together on Adafruit Laser Services, a new, by-appointment-only business in Manhattan that etches custom artwork onto customers' laptops, iPods, cell phones and other gadgets."

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