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Submission + - Apple App Store Hits 1,000,000,000 Downlaods

An anonymous reader writes: Apple's App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch has served its one-billionth application, only nine months after the store opened. Connor Mulcahey from Weston, Connecticut is the 13 year-old who downloaded the billionth App Store software called Bump, a tool for swapping information such as contact details and photos. His lucky click sees him rewarded with a boatload of Apple goodies including a MacBook Pro, 32GB iPod Touch, Time Capsule and $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. In other news, Windows Mobile is out of excuses. The last one being Steve Ballmer touting the fact they had 18,000 applications available for the platform, which has long been surpassed by Apple's 30K+ portfolio.

Submission + - SPAM: Million MPH space tornadoes drive northern lights

coondoggie writes: "Huge space tornadoes blasting gases at speeds of over a million miles per hour channel electric currents toward the Earth and help create the natural phenomena known as the Northern Lights. NASA space probes made the discovery as they passed through the tornadoes during their orbit of Earth. Ground measurements showed that the space tornadoes channel the electrical current into the ionosphere to spark bright and colorful auroras on Earth. [spam URL stripped]"
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