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Comment Re:No, it isn't (Score 1) 961

My guess is from having a high performance car, that the car hold old tires on it, that were also cold. Anyone that owns any kind of hipo car knows, or should know, tires over 2 years old on a hipo car turn to hockey pucks and provide no traction. they apparently just bought the car, so my assumption is they hadn't swapped out the rubber. (Sort of goes along with "there were no skidmarks")

no traction in this car, at high speeds, was a death wish. Sadly it took their lives.

Comment Re:Not a Glass fan but (Score 2) 845

It is pretty amusing how people assume Glass is a massive surveillance device.

I have a pair for development and - really - they don't record video non-stop. You actually get about 5% battery life drain for every 1 minute of recording. In 20 minutes, your battery life is dead. So, assuming he had used them for some portion of the day, he'd maybe have 5-10m of recording time.

Add to the fact, it doesn't take the best video and have the best audio. It isn't bad, but you aren't capturing national secrets on it.

Also note, the screen is on during video recording, so it is easy to tell when someone is recording video.

It is amusing how much hatred there is on a technology focused site, how much poor information there is about something people simply dislike.

I rarely wear mine, I dont see the big draw for them honestly.

Comment Exact opposite in my experience (Score 3, Insightful) 494

a culture that prefers deluding the boss over delivering bad news isn't well equipped to try new things

In a former life I did a lot of gov contracting. For any project, you couldn't get your GPM (gov program manager) to sign off on anything. Why? Because they had to go to their boss to get approval. Who also had to go to their boss to get approval and so on.

Why? Because they didn't want to be the one to blame if something went wrong. If anything, they were very apt to go up the flag pole for anything, but the issue was you never got an answer for anything.

This seems to be the case for, no one made actionable decisions.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1, Insightful) 1216

So, I am i the middle of starting my own business. I am investing virtually all my savings, while I have a baby on the way, a year into a new mortgage, etc.

So, I am going to risk everything I have to start a successful (hopefully) business and you want to limit what I can make off the business?

Simply put, fuck you.

Comment SIDS (Score 1) 117

Wife is pregnant. We've gone to a few "baby" classes. They talk about the "unknowns" of what causes SIDS and all the things people "think" cause it (no real proof or idea). But every one outright dismisses the use of any monitoring to alert you if the baby stops breathing, because there is no proof it helps.

So, they have no proof to what causes SIDS, but since there are no studies saying that monitoring helps, don't waste your time with it?

Seems strange to dismiss something, when you have no proof either way it works.

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