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Comment They are in such demand (Score 4, Insightful) 330

That microsoft has to slash the price to fight off people wanting to buy them?

Is that the correct spin?

Lets face it. Microsoft has tried to push the "Convertible laptop / tablet" on the market since 2000 (even before maybe?) - and no one wants it. They simply cannot grasp that it isn't what the consumer (even enterprise wants). People want tablets to consume content, not create it.

Comment Re:More proof the entire trial (Score 1) 569

No, it is more disturbing that dozens of black men in cities all across the country are murdered and no one gives a shit. Where is the President on this? Oh, he and the media only interject when the race baiters find something to dig their teeth into.

This trial is a stupid show put on for idiots while real tragedies occur every day.

Comment Re:Too bad someone didn't figure this all out (Score 3, Insightful) 146

Good idea, but in reality it should be all revolved around creating true standards and interoperability. Systems communicating together should have been the single desirable element in all of it. Instead, it was an afterthought. Now we get garbage like Commonwell (From the 5 largest EHR vendors) that will create more proprietary garbage.

The people that created the mess we are in want to fix it? Please.

Comment Too bad someone didn't figure this all out (Score 5, Insightful) 146

Before the govt started handing out $44k for docs to adopt shitty EHR systems and collect free money. We now have a plethora of shitty EHR systems in hospitals that don't solve any issues at all.

So, the government created this incentive (Which made a few companies insanely rich, like Epic, Cerner, and Athena) - and created this massive siloed data mess. Anyone who has worked in HIT knows what a complete failure this EHR rollout has been on every front.

Even better are the CHIIT "certification" standards (aka, a complete pile of shit) which were to ensure that EHR software met a bunch of standards to get that $44k. One of the hallmarks was "Interoperability" - which to CHIIT meant "systems can communicate with themselves" - derp.

The EHR rollout was a complete failure, mainly due to the govt pushing shit out on the marketplace with their stupid incentives. It is going to take over a decade to untangle the mess of complete crap.

Comment Good (Score 5, Insightful) 387

Most of the posts are hate, but good for Microsoft. It is a step in the right direction. Anyone who works/worked there will tell you the organization is very segregated. Business units fight one another and things aren't done in a cohesive manner.

But, Apple is very segregated as well and they seem to do alright. Perhaps it is just the culture at Microsoft that is the issue.

Perhaps they will finally end their silly employee review process as well - as people I know at MS absolutely hate it.

Comment Re:Consumers may not notice ... (Score 3, Insightful) 289

Exactly. Anyone who says fragmentation isn't an issue clearly isn't doing Android development.

I find the platform a breeze to actually develop for. But, the issue is in testing and QA. The dearth of devices out there with hundreds of variations has created an unsustainable environment to deploy against.

Google really should be pushing any manufactures that want to license the Android name to properly implement the APIs. Failing to do so is creating quite the issue.

Comment Who says FB and GOOG aren't trying to hire older (Score 1) 432


I am 31 and FB tried hard to recruit me. I have friends that have passed up Google, etc.

None of us have interest in working for them. They do nothing that interests us (well, I think Google does some cool stuff, but nothing they'd hire me for).

I think it is easier for younger people to get spun up working for "Facebook" or "Google" than it is to work elsewhere. Other jobs may not be resume builders like those two, but they may be of more value.

Conversely, most of the people I know starting their own businesses are 35+, but then again I may have selection bias due to my own age.

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