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Comment Fragmentation has nothing to do with selling phone (Score 4, Informative) 419

It has everything to do with being able to develop for phones. The article misses the point entirely.

As someone who develops for both, testing in Android *is* a pain in the ass. Developing in it is a breeze. The minor issues you run into on varying handsets is just a nightmare to deal with. The small variances because manufactures can't develop to API specifications correctly.

I question anyone who says it isn't an issue. Either you aren't doing development or you haven't built something complex enough to see the various issues.

Comment Re:No iPad app (Score 1) 139

From my understanding signing up within the App isn't an issue as well. The question is, can the user use the App at all without paying?

I have a mobile App that has our own private "cloud" storage. The user can use the App to their hearts desire. But, if they want our "cloud" they must subscribe via our Web portal.

But, if they don't care about that - they can use the App indefinitely. I don't think there is a steadfast rule to it, all Apple seems to care about is if the App can be used (functional). Where, Netflix as an example fails at that end, because you can't use the App without having a paid Netflix account.

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