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Comment So where is the customer demand? (Score 3, Informative) 100

If BB pitch is to corporate clients (still) - how do they plan to attract all these devs who certainly don't care about the enterprise and much, much smaller target market.

Our mobile app, we have built native for Android and iOS. We've had a grand total of one person ask for BB and one ask for WP8. We simply have no interest in investing the money to build for something no one cares about.

Comment These flights have nothing to do really with space (Score 5, Interesting) 103

I think the "Space" part of it is a side show to what Virgin is really pushing for.

The bigger goal, IMO is being able to enable flight from the US/Europe to Australia in a matter of hours by a "plane" jumping into low Earth orbit and circling the globe in 2 hours. Imagine being able to "jump" to the other side of the Earth in an 1 hour? A 2 hour flight to China? Australia? Europe?

It takes 88 minutes in LOE to circle the globe.

It would simply be revolutionary. IMO that is the near term end goal of Branson's interest in space flight. I think the "manned space flights" are tangential to what the immediate goals are. Hammering out the science to allow cheap cross earth flights, is simply incredible.

Comment Misses the point (Score 2) 120

Even if it is a hodgepodge of tech - the simple fact is Yahoo! Itself would have never been able to figure it out, how to build it. That's the problem, large companies can't innovate (let's just assume that Summry is an innovation to keep the discussion simple). So, even though we find it simple to build in theory, Yahoo couldn't pull it off internally. That, that is what to take from this.

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