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Comment Re:the pro in pro sports (Score 1) 257

College sports, basketball and football specifically have become so commercialized that there is very little separation between them and their professional counterparts. That being the case, I'll take real professionals where the skill level is higher any day. I don't get this holier than thou attitude that still persists about college sports. When the Houston Cougars lost their last game of the season and by extension the Conference USA title, the lead story was how they cost Conference USA BCS money. Give me a break.

Comment Re:Not so much that they are weak (Score 1) 185

Ah, but what CAN they do? Tightening of security is an obvious step, but if any of these private entities did anything in retaliation, our own government would be out to prosecute them. Pretty sad. US society, hell all Western societies, are really meant to pull all but the super elite down to a common lowest level. Wasn't always this way, but we must think of the children.

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