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Comment Re:iPod Touch (Score 1) 289

I found this webpage It describes how to set this up using Gizmo5 (no longer available for signup) with ether GVdialer(also no longer available) or Nimbuzz IM. Theoretically you could set up sipgate or another service to work just as well. This seems like the most cost effective option. You can keep your regular low cost phone on a low rate plan for when you're on the road.


Bridging the Gap Between User-Generated Content and Interesting Content 73

Edge Magazine is running a story about user-generated content — or rather, its failure to live up to the hype of the past few years. The author says it "turned out to be a niche. Not everyone has the chops to learn the tools, and even fewer gamers have an idea they want to see through. Instead of revolutionizing games, it merely adds another rung on the ladder from 'player' to 'game-maker.'" Instead, the games that have incorporated the concept in a fun way use what he calls "user-generated, machine-mediated content," and he points out the flexibility of Scribblenauts; the user supplies the imagination and the developer translates that to gameplay. "It shows us our reflection — however tiny, however distorted — inside our games, an experience that is guaranteed to mesmerize us. Ambitious players will still go pick up the tools and learn the languages that let them mod or make their own games; but while they're busy with that, [this system] can invigorate our content — and give us a little more of what we love: ourselves."

Artist Wins £20,000 Grant To Study Women's Butts 202

Sue Williams has been awarded a £20,000 grant by the Arts Council of Wales, to "explore cultural attitudes towards female buttocks." Sue plans to examine racial attitudes towards bottoms in Europe and Africa and create plaster casts of women's behinds to try to understand their place in contemporary culture. And here I've been studying the issue all these years for free like a sucker!

Comment I would love this service (Score 1) 260

I was eager to see if this would automatically work, but none of it seems to. It seemed like a nice risk-free way to share files with friends and family. I also could not fine any real help on their support pages. Great potential, zero functionality at least for me. When it gets patched or the support pages get a little more helpful I'll try it again, until then I'm sticking with good ol' 3.5

Comment Open source License model. (Score 1) 700

Wouldn't it be great if Sun says OK lets open source under an almost exact copy of the GPL but list three companies that will not be able to redistribute the code without expressed written permission of Sun. I don't really even think it would violate the spirit of the GPL, and the community low-to-no-profit organizations would be able to dig their fingers into the technology, many of whom are the type to contribute code for that reason.

I know its not going to happen, but wouldn't it be nice?

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