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Comment Re:Good thing they didn't include birds also (Score 4, Insightful) 174

I hate to be the cynic, but this looks really contrived. And phrases like the one in the abstract "we learned that science can be cool" (paraphrased) are so old hat and trite. I hear my kid come back from school programmed to say the same thing. It seems that this work could give the children involved what actual scientific work is like. I am concerned that the real reason for this work to further the career of their attention getting teacher. [Just conjecture.]

Comment Re:Strange point (Score 4, Informative) 221

It's even worse than that. The problem of counting lattice points is closely related to the Riemann Hypothesis, the "most" important unsolved math problem. Clearly that is what Shaneson and Cappell are after. I've looked at the paper, and it is only 40 pages (compare with the 200+ of Wiles work), and these guys are respected mathematicians. No one has said it is wrong. I don't know the area, but it shouldn't be as hard to check as the Wiles paper. Maybe people are waiting to see if they announce a proof of the Riemann-Hypothesis.

Comment Re:YouTube nearly bankrupt? (Score 4, Interesting) 84

That makes sense. Added to the cost of the zillion employees they have to comb the thing for video that need to be taken down, or at least to write the software. And the constant legal issues. Throw in just the machines, and now I see that is reasonable as a loss, esp. that they don't sell anything. On the other hand everyone I know generally uses it as a first choice. Maybe in a few years it will make money. Remember the (good?) old days when Amazon didn't show a profit for years?

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