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Comment You're not Itesus (Score 1) 347

It's business, you're not supposed to care, but people won't stop you from feeling guilty.
Nobody cares about you getting stressed or losing sleep over some unsolved problem.
If they can make you feel bad without even trying, then they're not going to stop; it's working to their advantage.

You're there because they don't know the quirks of the "let's just ship it" piece of shit software we have to make work or troubleshoot at times.

Also, if they can't afford to pay what it costs to have an IT person, then why give them the advantage over other businesses by working for a substantially lower pay?

Of course, unless you're living at home with your parents, you can't really be that choosey.
That's also the fundamental flaw that keeps certain shitty businesses alive.

Comment I make hints or tell the client directly (Score 2, Informative) 230

Working in IT, you're bound to come across pirated software from time to time.

a) When I find some pirated software or license misuses, I could for instance tell the client that "I'm not the police, but..."
I might also make them aware that there is this company that looks out for software vendors--the business software alliance, for instance.
b) When a client is aware that they're asking me to do something illegal, like ignoring license agreements etc, I tell them that I don't care what people do privately (nor do I assist them in that case either), but this is not the act of doing serious business--or tell them sorry, and explain that the company I work for won't allow me to do this, etc. If they still insist, they are a lost cause. You can only spend so much energy on these matters.

I'd prefer that more commercial business software would come with some activation mechanism. I've seen cases where clients have ordered one license, then gone ahead installing the software on most every PC, and when confronted about this, they've argued that only one of them uses it at the time--but the license agreement does not allow it to be installed on more than one PC.

You'll most often find that objectivity is the first thing to be sacrificed in business, so hang on to it, tight, or lose it.

Comment Re:Not sure that hard drives are any better... (Score 1) 317

There won't be a problem connecting the hard disk to newer systems, as there will always be adapters, like we have today with the PATA/SATA bridge to USB products.

However, there are far more points of failure with hard disks than with optical media.
Those who sell hard disks in an external closure as a backup solutions have failed as much as those who use RAID as backup today, but what's worse is that these external hard disk products can't handle any impact at all, and they come with vertical stands (!), and dubious power supply connectors to add to the dependencies.

As for optical media:
- the label surface seems to be the most fragile of the two surfaces during reading.
- should be stored away from heat sources, ultraviolet radiation, and avoid high fluctuations in humidity.
- should (apparently) be stored vertically.
- you lose less data than with a hard disk.
- burn multiple copies
- reburn after N years
- competence/awareness of sessions/closed sessions, optical media file systems, etc

Print everything in base 16 to paper and rely on OCR to get your zip files back.

Comment C#'s modern concepts. I am laughing hard. (Score -1, Troll) 499

From the fine article: "We also wanted to introduce modern concepts, such as object orientation, type safety, garbage collection"

These are modern concepts?

Simula. Simula. Simula.
This was defined in the 1960s, and sadly, it's become worse today.

Dynamic OOP is one of the earliest *good* concepts in computing, along with virtualization ("byte-code").

C# is a poor attempt at making something good.
C# is developed by MiC#roSoft--those who brought us Windows and New Technology technology.
C# not very popular.


Submission + - Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream (ocremix.org)

djpretzel writes: "Today OverClocked ReMix released its ninth album, Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream. The album, made by fans for fans, honors the recent 10-year anniversary of the Square Enix PlayStation video game Final Fantasy VII with 45 arrangements of composer Nobuo Uematsu's original score. Available for free download at http://ff7.ocremix.org, Voices of the Lifestream is not affiliated with or endorsed by Square Enix. More than 40 artists from the OverClocked ReMix community contributed more than three hours of music to the album, with interpretations covering a variety of genres and styles from jazz to electronica to rock to symphonic."

Submission + - The Case of the Missing Email

An anonymous reader writes: Has your email gone missing lately? Or have your users been complaining about missing emails? I first stumbled onto this problem last December, when I found this post. The original poster started the thread last March (1 year ago), but the problem appears to have manifested itself in the last few weeks as Windows Admins everywhere have been patching their boxen for the recent DST change. In short, Exchange appears to have a problem resending a message after encountering a temporary failure, specifically when sending mail to a server that has implemented greylisting. At this point, the problem has not been acknowledged by MS and so there is no fix except for the workarounds mentioned in the original post. And so I ask Slashdot — Have you noticed this behaviour too? Maybe if we raise awareness here, MS will acknowledge the problem and even provide a fix. I don't want to turn off greylisting because it's been hugely effective. I already have to degrade my web pages to work properly with their substandard browser, please don't tell me that I have to degrade my mail server too.

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