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Comment Re:A lot of people don't seem to understand... (Score 2) 410

Fax is still widely used in many industries. For example, I work in the IT dept. for a Healthcare company and I manage their fax server. We send about 5000 faxes per day to doctor's offices, because they won't accept email. They believe that fax is a more secure form of communication for transmitting sensitive patient records. And I don't see this view changing any time soon.

Comment Re:Verizon's Network Was So Terrible in 1928 (Score 1) 685

Do you really think that somebody who has the technology to travel back in time would be connecting to something as primitive as a cell phone network? Presumably, if they could send people through time then they can send communications through time as well. Such a communications network would make our current cell phone network seem like AM radio.

Comment Re:'Bout time (Score 1) 917

But only .5% (not 5 percent, half a percent) of users have even reported the problem.

This is such a misleading statistic, because it assumes that every single person who experiences the problem is going to immediately call Apple to complain, and that is simply not true. I can make the problem happen for me by using the grip of death, but I never called Apple to complain. And I'm sure there are many, many more people like me.

I think a much more telling statistic would be, out of the sum total of calls received regarding the iPhone 4, what percentage of those calls were about the antenna problem?

Comment Re:Season 6 was a complete disapoimtment (Score 1) 955

And the ending made no sense at all taken with the departure of Kate, Sawyer and Clair on the plane. How does Kate end up at the funeral dead if she managed to fly off the island alive? Why even bother to get that group to the plane, if it is meaningless if they reached it or not?

For all we know, Kate lived to an old age, then died and went to the "purgatory" funeral in the altiverse. Remember, Christian told Jack that some of the people at the funeral had died before him, and some had died long after him. Kate could very well have been one of those who died long after Jack. Since there was no "now" in the altiverse (as explained by Christian), time was irrelevant there and all the people who had died at various different times were able to gather together there before moving on to the afterlife.

Comment Re:How to not get caught by a red-light camera (Score 1) 976

Are you stupid or something? You don't have to obscure your own vision, you only need to block the camera so it does not have a clear view of your entire face. That means cover your face, not your eyes, dumbass. All you would have to do is put your hand a few inches in front of your face with the fingers spread apart. You can see through your fingers, but they can't see through your hand. It's that simple.

Comment How to not get caught by a red-light camera (Score 1) 976

If you know you are going though an intersection where there is a camera, and you're not sure whether you'll make the light or not, simply cover your face (or duck down) before you enter the intersection. Legally, they must be able to identify the driver by their face in order to be able to issue a ticket. If they can't make out your face, they can't identify you as the driver. Even if they have your license plate number, they still can't issue a ticket without that photographic identify confirmation.

Owners Smash iPhones To Get Upgrades, Says Insurance Company 406

markass530 writes "An iPhone insurance carrier says that four in six claims are suspicious, and is worse when a new model appears on the market. 'Supercover Insurance is alleging that many iPhone owners are deliberately smashing their devices and filing false claims in order to upgrade to the latest model. The gadget insurance company told Sky News Sunday that it saw a 50-percent rise in claims during the month Apple launched the latest version, the iPhone 3GS.'"

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